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YOGA WORKSHOP – this Sunday at 10am!

11 May

To be taught by the lovely Katie Knight.

Here’s what she has to say about it: Join me for an introduction to yoga! Learn the basics that anyone can access, and how they will be a great addition to your already exhilarating daily workouts. Get an inside look at everyday poses, how to breathe, and the benefits that this practice can offer. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one!) and wear comfortable clothes that move.

Yoga will be free for all members of CFCC and at Sunday at 10am. This is a trial Workshop to see if there’s any interest in holding a CFCC Yoga class on the regular.  At 12pm we will be holding a “Bring a Friend” session (free for all friends of members!) outside. This workout will be a team workout (we’ll split whoever shows up into two really big teams). There may or may not be prowlers involved.

For a look at another CrossFit gym that incorporates Yoga into their weekly schedule, check out CrossFit Virtuosity.

For more on why anybody might want to pursue something that involves flexibility, breathing deeply, and generally getting a little meditative, check out this post from Mark’s Daily Apple.


Today. 5/6/11.

6 May

The Possible’s slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination.
~Emily Dickinson

Friday, 3/11/11

10 Mar

It’s Deadliffin’ Friday! Classes today (Friday) are at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, noon, 430p, 530p, and 630p. This is the end of Peak Week!  The programming for the next cycle will follow shortly.  In the meantime, please note that the calendar for this Sunday has changed. There will be a 9am and a 1pm session taught by Jay of Kettlebellz fame.  If you’ve never taken a session with Jay before – get a good night’s rest on Saturday and come try it out!

Ready, aim, fire!

Activation: Broad Jumps, peak of 1.
Strength: Deadlift, peak of 1.
Metcon: 3 Rounds for max reps: 1 minute of Wallball (20/14), 1 minute of Box Jumps (24/20), 1 minute of Double Unders, 1 minute of Rest.

Two things to do before you deadlift tomorrow.

10 Mar

Are you serious about your DEADLIFT?  Fer seriously serious?  Then sing yourself to sleep with some Mobility Work.

Tuesday, 1/25/11

24 Jan

Posture & Stability:

90s of Handstands (wall or freestanding)


Push Press, light peak set of 3



Ab-Wheel Rollouts

Planked Scap Push-ups (1 second hold)


Free your sticky bits.  Enhance sexiness. – KStar

If you are the proud bearer of what I would like to dub “pistol butt” you know you’ll have at least 8 minutes in your day to do the below.

When you do Grogleo or Paleo you kind of have to plan to plan ahead.  It’s sort of like anytime you want to do anything well… you’ve got to think a little bit.  Here’s a great example of how to exercise some strategy in feeding yourself.

Thursday, 1/20/11

19 Jan

Reminder: classes tomorrow are at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, 12p, and 6p and will meet at the new space.  We are working setting our schedule soon.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or via text!

Work up to a light and fast peak set of 5 on the press.

METCON: Death by thrusters, (95/65lbs.), starting at 5 reps the 1st minute, 6 reps the 2nd minute, etc.

Take a look see at this, folks…

We want a nice open shoulder before we approach the press.  It means that our bodies don’t have to do any MORE work than necessary to get where we’re going – that is, there’s no drag on the muscle groups you use to press when you go to put stuff over your head.

How do you get from the frame on the left to the frame in the middle?  Just 5 minutes of stretching… imagine what would happen with 10!  How do you get from the frame on the left ALL the way to the right?  Dan John said it best, “If it’s important, do it every day.”

Learn how to take care of yourselves, thruster monsters.  It’s important.

Get some more ideas in the video below… specifically, check out the first 2 minutes of the video below.  Post thoughts to comments!

Saturday, 11/6/10

5 Nov

We’ll be outside tomorrow!  Please meet at the racquetball court anyway.  Dress accordingly!

Eileen breathes out upon exerting effort.  How are you breathing?  It’s important!

“Breathing can start with positioning.  How have your shoulders been lately?

Today’s special treat has us thinking about the relationship of shoulder blade to the thoracic spine/rib cage. It kind of crazy to think that your entire shoulder joint basically “floats” on top of your rib cage with but a single anchor (your collar bone). Think about that for a moment. Imagine that you didn’t have full, supple control of that scapula(e) on your ribcage. Gosh, it would almost be like you might not be able to:
1) Stabilize your shoulder very well.
2) Create a stable/dynamic platform for the shoulder to enjoy it’s full excursion.
3) Be able to use this scapulothroacic joint as a sort of dynamic braking device
4) Enjoy being pain free in overhead movements.”
-Kelly Starrett, from Mobility WOD <—– click on the link to learn more.


3 rounds for time:  400m run, 21 KB swings, 12 HSPU.