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3 Sep


All week we’ll be helping you out by posting new classes here with their descriptions so that you’ll know how they might be useful to you.  To view the full schedule at CFCC in an easy format, go here.

That said, don’t forget to mark your calendars with a few reminders for the season:

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 2-4pm, NUTRITION SEMINAR.  Sign up on MINDBODY.  This is FREE for members and a MUST for anyone looking to participate in the Fall Body Composition Change Challenge.
  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 5-7pm, WELCOME and CONGRATS POTLUCK for Danny and Liz (see below). Bring anything you want – just make sure it’s labelled!
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, Registration for the hookgrip Classic closes.
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th – the BCCC officially begins.  The whole week before this measurements will be being taken – email meg@crossfitcc.com for more details!
  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd, the hookgrip Classic, Liberty Barbell Club’s first in-house USAW sanctioned meet!  Space is limited – sign up now!
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th, Moorestown Olympic Lifting Meet.

More fall fun to be announced soon!

Photo by Mike Mackintosh.

Some changes are in store for CFCC and while we are SO excited for Danny’s arrival on this WEDNESDAY, we are sad to say that we are losing Liz to an absolutely AWESOME job opportunity at Jefferson!  She will still be around and training by your sides – but we wanted to give her the chance to tell you all what’s been up in her life lately. Liz will be coaching with us until the end of September, when Ave will take up the call and begin a new Endurance schedule for CFCC.  If you haven’t been to CrossFit Endurance yet – make it your goal to get there this month!

Dear CFCC,

A few weeks ago, I accepted a full-time position at Jefferson Hospital as an Occupational Therapist in acute care.  I am very excited about this opportunity and want to thank you all for encouraging and supporting me during this process. I plan to start this position in October, after taking my licensing exam in September.

September will also be my last month as a coach at CFCC. It has been my privilege to witness your greatness and guts every week in classes. You continually impress and inspire me with your ability to push yourself to be even better than you were the week before.  I experienced your desire to be great regardless of our surroundings at CFCC.  I will always remember those epic sandbag struggles in the old space!  KD and I came to CFCC when there less than 20 members for our first WOD.  From my very first class, I was impressed by the gym’s commitment to standards, form, and excellence and was honored to be a
part of such a special place.

I remember the first time I gave feedback as a coach-in-training.  The class was squatting, and I think we ran about 45 minutes over! The members were so supportive about my journey towards becoming a coach and I will be forever grateful for your patience. I also remember the first endurance class at CFCC.  It was probably the biggest endurance class to date and I still have pictures of you all bunny-hopping your way down wooden Camac Street.  Once the weather changed during the hobbit-hole days, we made our way inside and to the treadmills.  Your flexibility and dedication to proper Pose was impressive and you learned a lot of those treadmills!  Jack and Tony then ran the first marathons after CFE exclusive training and I was so proud of them!

A small part of Liz’s legacy:
Running way back when on Camac,
and also this past weekend, in Washington Square Park

Today, a LOT of work happens on a daily basis at CFCC and it is amazing how you all are dedicated to making yourself a little better everyday. I love supporting you in your progress towards your goals. Thank you for giving me that chance. I plan to continue to train beside you and to be just as impressed by your daily performance as ever!

Liz: further proof that you can be STRONG, smart, and a great runner 🙂

Monday, 8/27/12

26 Aug

It’s the start of a new cycle – check it out!

THIS is happening at CFCC this Thursday.  Sign up here if you’d like to attend, and plan to train at 530pm if you train in the evening – this will be the only the available session and it WILL be outside.

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (Running) with Liz, at 630am.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy, at 730pm.

CROGA with Tim at 1pm.

ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 9-11am and 730-930pm.

HYBRID OLY with Jim 7-9am and with Sammy, 530-730pm.

Matching burpees from Khanh and Cyndi during Filthy Fifties!

SMR: Foam Roll as needed, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Lower Body, 3 minutes.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: T-Drill Sequences. – 5 minutes.
STRENGTH: Every other minute for 20 minutes: Pause (1 second hold only) Front Squat Triple. Begin at 50% and move up as follows: 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% – if you make it this far without failing, continue at 85% until 20 minutes is through. Go no higher than 85%. If you fail, you must back down to the previous percentage. Write up your necessary jumps before attempting so that weight set up is easy.

In teams of 3, for max Wallballs.

AMRAP in 10 minutes: Row 300m, Rest, Wallballs. One person at a each station. The rester begins wallballs when the rower gets done with 300m. The wallballer gets to the row after the previous rower is thru. The rower begins to rest after they’ve rowed 300m.

2 Weeks Out from Total – new programming!

26 Aug

Fall is for Food at CFCC!

23 Aug

From the woman who holds the title of CFCC’s second member EVER, deadlifted 300lbs., competed in an Oly Meet, rowed 1k in 3:57, and got her first strict pull-up on a 2-inch thick bar, Meghan Ramos, our master of All the Nutrition Things is here to deliver some serious information. Kick back over the weekend and get your bearings.  You don’t want to miss out on eating like a CFCCer this Fall!  

If you questions about any of this, feel free to contact her at meg@crossfitcc.com – VIVA LA BCCC!


The CFCC Nutrition Team – a plethora of knowledge and options. 🙂

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Wednesday, 8/22/12

21 Aug
CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (Running) with Liz at 630am.
CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (Rowing) with Liz at 530pm.
FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 630pm.
GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 730pm. <—- pistols work today… go if you can’t do ’em!
HYBRID OLY with Erin from 9-11am
INTRO TO OLY with Sammy from 530-730pm.
due to our recent Elements schedule there is no CROGA on Wednesdays at 8am. Apologies!



Chad sports an GREAT looking top position of the deadlift mid-metcon.

FUZZ and CROSSFIT. It’s really important to understand this especially if you feel like you’re in a close personal relationship with your lax ball.

Want to learn more about CrossFit Endurance and what it can do for you?  Check out the Testimonials page over at CrossFitEndurance.com!

A random splattering of questions about the Paleo Diet put to Robb Wolf by Mark Sisson.  Robb Wolf’s book is GREAT.  If you are interested in the Paleo Diet sign up on Mindbody for the Interactive Nutrition Seminar (under “Seminars”) Meghan and Erin are giving on the 8th of September – we’ll be covering the paleo diet and many other elements in how CrossFitters think about nutrition, food quality and quantity, and timing.

A review of some deadlift faults – from 70sbig.com

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: General Foam Roll, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Glutes/Hamstrings, 3 minutes.

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Using a 30ft. pass: Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk, Skip for Height x 3, Grapevine (both directions), Side Shuffle (both directions)

ACTIVATION: Broad Jump, 5 attempts at a peak of 1.

STRENGTH: Conventional Deadlift, peak of 1.

NEURAL RECHARGE: 3-5 Rounds (depending on feel), 1 minute at each station: Broad Jump, Medball Single Arm Throw (alternate), Box Jump (as high as you like – move up or down as needed), 1 minute of rest.

What’s the deal with Neural Recharge?  To keep you refreshed after a heavy week and prepare you for a new cycle! Check out these words from Eric Cressey – a guy who knows his stuff.

“Consider using concentric-only exercises for “off-day” training.

The most stressful, and therefore demanding part of an exercise is actually the eccentric, or lowering phase. This is where the majority of muscle damage occurs, and the part that will elicit the most muscular soreness. If you’re like me, you enjoy doing some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. Some people scoff at the idea of never taking a rest, but in reality, moving is good for you, and it can be done daily. If done incorrectly, it can interfere with recovery and lead to overtraining. If done correctly, it can keep you focused and actually speed up your recovery.

While there are multiple ways to go about off day exercise correctly, one option is to use mostly eccentric-free exercise choices. As examples, think of sled pushing, dragging, and towing. Additionally you can attach handles or a suspension trainer to your sled and do rows, presses, and pull-throughs. Another option is medicine ball exercises, which can be organized into complexes and circuits, or KB and sledgehammer swings, which all have minimal eccentric stress. These modalities will get blood flow to the appropriate areas and give you a training effect that won’t leave you sore, or stimulated to an extent that mandates serious recovery time.”

Monday, 8/20/12

19 Aug


HYBRID OLY with Jim, 7-9am and 530-730pm.

ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 9-11am and 730-930pm.

CROGA with Tim, 1pm.

FOUNDATIONS with Erin, at 630pm.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy, at 730pm. 


This is the week of singles at CFCC – if you haven’t grabbed a log book of some sort for yourself – DO IT!  You’ll want to remember the numbers from this week!

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Glutes and Lower Leg, 5 minutes.

MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute per side. Spiderman Stretch, 1 minute per side.

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Using a 30ft. pass: Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Duck Walk, Skip for Height x 3, Grapevine (both directions), Side Shuffle (both directions)

STRENGTH: Back Squat, up to a peak of 1 *record your previous on the board*

FOR QUALITY: 30 GHD Sit-ups, 30 Back Extensions – break this up as needed and work in groups of 3 to 4 to share the equipment.

Rolling out a new schedule of CrossFit Endurance, starting next Monday!

10 Jul
Calling all runners!  Are you participating in a fall race?  5k? Half? Marathon?  Please let Liz know at liz@crossfitcc.com.  We are putting together of list of competitors so that we can all track our workouts and progress.  NOW is the time to start training for your fall races!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this part of CFCC…

What is CrossFit Endurance?

CrossFit Endurance (CFE) is first and foremost CROSSFIT.  CrossFit is primary for the athlete and the bulk of the programming for an endurance athlete will be CrossFit wods. As you all know, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity.  CrossFit is broad and challenges all domains of fitness.  CFE, working from the base of CrossFit, allows an athlete to focus on cardio respiratory endurance, or one’s ability to maintain a certain aerobic output for a desired period of time.

You all know what endurance is:  5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons, and so on. The common way to train for most endurance events is to train a lot.  Indeed, the gold standard for most marathon training is the 20 mile run two weeks before the marathon itself.  Endurance athletes program for time and miles, not results.

Sound familiar?  Sound like oh-too-many-sessions spinning away on the elliptical without a clue if you are improving or what improvement really is?

CrossFit Endurance is about quality not quantity.  REST from smart training makes you better, NOT more work!  CFE focuses on smart programming and performance.  You will not be doing more work poorly when you start CFE.  You will train smarter and be a better athlete for it.

CFE can be applied to lots of endurance sports, including running, rowing, swimming, and biking.  However, this is not just people who want to run marathons!  CrossFit Endurance benefits more than just the endurance athlete.  It also helps athletes who want to work on their running form or athletes who want to work on their met-con.

Theory to practice: how will your training be structured?

When training for an endurance event (like a fall race OR perhaps – the CROSSFIT GAMES???), continue to come to CFCC 4x/week for the regular, Oly, or gymnastics classes.  If your schedule permits, aim to attend a morning CFE class on Monday or Wednesday from 630-7am.  If your schedule does not permit this, feel free to speak with Liz directly about your interest in other modalities for training.  Clear your schedule for Saturday, and attend only the CFE class in the morning at 9am (being moved earlier to deal with the heat!) Stay in touch with us about how your feeling and you’ll see your best results YET in your own respective events!

ALSO, please note – in lieu of these new additions to the schedule – Tuesday and Thursday Conditioning will now take a backseat to more specified CrossFit Endurance programming. Conditioning may resurface again but for the first few months of the Fall we’d like to be more aggressive in our approach to strictly Conditioning oriented classes.