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Monday, 4/16/12

15 Apr

GREAT pictures from Nat Arem from CFCC’s participation in the CrossFit South Philly Rumble.  INCREDIBLE stuff from all of you!  Thinking you want to be there next year?  Thinking you want to win next year?  It all starts today!  In case you missed it, this is the plan for the next three weeks!

CROGA at 12-1245pm and 630-715pm
ENDURANCE (Running) at 530pm – TIME TRIAL: 1 mile

This week at CFCC:

Nutrition Seminar – Wednesday, 6-730pm – sign up under “Seminars” to attend!
Yoga for Lift-Off with Gina Stickney – Saturday, 1-3pm – an awesome opportunity to learn through theory and practice what Anusara Yoga can do for advancing your posture in life and in lifting! Space is limited – sign up today!

Team Lead Pipe is happy. Photo by Nat Arem.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll Upper Back, 1 minute. Lax Ball, 2 minutes each side.
MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side. Adductor Mobs, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 30 seconds with each: Hip Swings, Leg Swings, Spiderman-to-Stand
ACTIVATION: Box Jump, peak of 1 – 5 minutes.
STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to a peak of 3.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: For time: 100 American Kettlebell Swings (32/24/16/12kg – pick your load and compare your time to others using your load). 10 minute cap. *if you have not yet learned the American Kettlebell Swing, stick to the Russian Swing.

Tuesday, 1/17/12

16 Jan

Eczema and Gluten?

Have questions about the “restrictions” of the Paleo Diet? – check out the Whole9 Resources Page.

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Miller showing off a great top position for the press.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll, 5 minutes.
MOBILITY: Wall Quad Plus Overhead Reach, 1 minute each side. Band Overhead Stretch, 1 minute each side. Band Pec Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Kettlebell Snatch Review – all members of CFCC who haven’t been members for more than a month may stay with the two armed russian kettlebell swing for the workout and simple perform 21, 15, 9 swings total. If your bell is still crashing during skill work, perform the two armed russian kettlebell swing for the workout.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Sprocket” 21-15-9 reps of: Kettlebell Snatch (1.5/1), Pull-ups.

Two great tips on the Kettlebell Snatch.

TUESDAY, 10/11/11

11 Oct

Previous Fran times 🙂

A great idea: Magic Sauce from 101 Cookbooks.

It’s not Pizza. 🙂 But it can’t taste that bad. High Protein Chicken Pizza from Performance Menu.

Damoun, looking SOLID in the Russian Kettlebell Swing.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Upper Traps, 1 minute each side. Lax Ball + PVC to top of Traps, 1 minute each side.
MOBILITY: Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute each side. Wall Assisted 90/90, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 3 rounds: 3 perfect kettle bell swings, 3 pull-ups (use the band you will use for Fran), 3 kettle bell thrusters. Use a kettle bell that’s light to you.
SKILL WORK: Kettlebell Snatch
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Fran” 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65), Pull-ups

GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 730pm:

Wanna learn to kip? Tonight’s the night!

Skills: Iron Cross + Kipping (pulling skills)

5 rounds for time:
5 band assisted iron-cross-outs
15 knees-to-elbows

Dan hits three PRs in one day during a visit. Fun times. 🙂

Saturday, 6/18/11

17 Jun

There’s a Nutrition and Goal Setting Seminar at 10am this Sunday – sign up on the calendar to attend!

Question: Which two newbies have FULLY accepted that they LOOOOOVE CROSSFIT? From left to right: Joe, Emma, Nancy, or Yang/Dave?

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Shoulders, 5 minutes.

MOBILITY: Lat Pulls, 1 minute each side. Band around Shoulder, hand behind back, head leaned away, 1 minute each side.

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 1 round of: 10 Cat Camels, 10 Rocks in every Wrist Stretch, 10 Spiderman Steps, 10 Squat to Stands, Skip 60ft, for length, for height x 2 for each, 1 60ft. Bear Crawl.


4 Rounds of 1 minute at each station:

Kettlebell Push Press – 1 kettlebell in each hand – (1.5/1)
Box Jump (20 inch box)
Russian Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1)
Bear Crawl (30ft.)

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (at 1oam with Liz):

Time Trial: 800 m

GYMNASTICS (at 12pm with Sammy):

Kinesthetic Awareness: Cartwheels/Round Offs 
MetCon: 5 Rounds for Time:
Short loop run with jumprope
7 Cartwheels

Tuesday, 5/3/11

2 May

If you haven’t seen it yet…

SMRoD: Lax ball to hip flexors, 2m each side.

Static Stretch: Wall quad stretch, 1m each side.

Warmup: 21-15-9 reps: Cat camels, arm circles, easy pushups, squat to stands, toy soldier steps, duck walk steps, glute bridges.


3 rounds for time (135/95lbs):

10 overhead squats

10 front squats

10 back squats

20 pistols (bodyweight)

*RXd weight is 135/95lbs. All weight from taken from floor.


GYMNASTICS (at 730p):

Kinesthetic Awareness: Free standing handstand practice

Strength: Muscle-Ups

For time:
400m run
20 burpees
10 muscleups
20 burpees
10 muscleups
20 burpees
400m run


KETTLEBELLZ: (at 730p)

jogging warmup

100 kettlebell swings
50 pullups
40 spiderman pushups
30 wipers
20 burpees
10 atomic situps
snatch size kettlebell for swings and atomic situps, two snatch sized bells for the wipers.
finish with stability holds (glute bridge, side plank, plank)

Saturday, 4/30/11. WoD.

29 Apr

PLEASE NOTE! The final WoD for the Crossfit Games Sectionals open will be coached by Greg at 10am.  NOT AT 2pm!


SMRoD:  Lax ball to bottom of the feet.  2m each side.

Mobility Circuit of the Day:  3 rounds:  8 cat camels, 8 reverse lunges with twist (dynamic hip flexor stretch), 8 arm circles each way, 8 wallball slams, 8 squats.

Metcon: “Kelly”

5 rounds for time

Run 400m

30 box jumps, 24″/20″

30 wallball shots

CFE WoD (Taught by Liz at 10am):

CFE Warm-up: push-ups, spiderman steps, walking downward dog, inchworm to squat
Drills: figure 4, falling, cadence
Wod:  3x1mile Repeats hold within 5-10sec, Rest 1-3min Between Repeats
Kettlebells (Taught by Jay at 11am):
jogging warmup (weather permitting)
goblet squat x 10
wall squat x 10
jump squat x 10
hand release pushup x 10
work up to peak set of 2/3.  DO NOT HIT FAILURE.
2 short loops, then:
5 rounds:
1 min tempo snatch/clean
1 min fast snatch/swing
1 min max pullups (strict if possible, kipping is ok)
1 min burpees
30 seconds rack hold each side
then, 2 short loops.
Gymnastics (Taught by Sammy at noon):

Kinesthetic Awareness:

Rolls: Tuck, Straddle, Pike-Forward, Backwards

Inverted Hang


Reps for Time:

5 skin-the-cats

25 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

20 roll jumps

5 skin-the cats

15 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

10 roll jumps

5 skin-the-cats

5 roll jumps

Tuesday, 4/5/11. Workout of the Day.

4 Apr

Reminder: The first nutrition seminar will be THURSDAY AT 5:30 INSTEAD OF THE NORMAL WOD. I will be introducing this season’s CFCC BCCC.  Please plan accordingly.


SMR for the Day:

It still works even if you don't make that face.

Foam roll your “lats”.

1.  Grab a foam roller.

2.  Roll around on your lats for at least 1 minute per side.

3.  Use the thick PVC pipe or lacrosse ball if the foam roller seems too soft.



Neural Activation: 5×2 Kipping pullups, for height.

Strength: Pronated grip Pull-up, peak set of 1 repetition.


Row 1k for time.

*To save time, Athletes should be instructed on the row and how to program the rower’s display for 1,000m before activation and strength work is done, so that they may start the row after they hit their respective peak sets.

Men should  be striving to finish in 3:20 or less, women in 3:50 or less.

Here, you can see me getting ready to slam my chest into that bar. Sometimes it's important to show the bar who's boss, even when it uses more energy than you need to. And yes, that's my "boss" face.

CFCC Met-Con Bias WOD:

Neural Activation: 5×2 Kipping pullups, for height.


30 pull-ups

1.5k row

3x short loop run

20 pull-ups

1k row

2x short loop run

10 pull-ups

500m row

1x short loop run


CFCC Strength Bias WOD:

Neural Activation: 5×2 Kipping pullups, for height.

Strength: Pronated grip Pull-up, peak set of 1 repetition.  3 sets of 5 reps at 80% max (include bodyweight in this calculation).

Auxillary:  Box supported single arm kettlebell row, 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.


Gymnastics WOD (7:30pm only, taught by Sammy):

Kinesthetic Awareness:

10 Minute Practice of Tuck/Straddle/Pike Up to Handstand


Front Levers

Ring Support


Tabata Plank Walk

Tabata Rocking Hollows


Kettlebell Spec WOD:

Linear warm-up:
wall squat 3×6
jump squat 3×6
tuck jump 3×6

Skill work: The American Swing.

*We will spend this session reviewing the american swing, and fine-tuning the hip drive/fast knees essential for speed and minimal exertion during high-rep swing work.

21, 15, 9 rounds of:

american swings
jump squats


5 bear crawls (approximately 20M) for time.


pushup position bird dog x 50