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Tuesday, 8/14/12

13 Aug

HYBRID OLY, with Jim, 530-730pm.
ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 9-11am and 730-930pm.
CROGA with Tim, 6pm.
INTRO to OLY, with Erin, 7-9am, with Jim 1130-1pm.

Should you consume caffeine before a workout?

How does coffee affect insulin levels? – read: affect your WAISTLINE.

Wanna learn to cook things that actually taste good and are good for you?  Come meet the author of WELL FED, a book that exemplifies this, AT CFCC on August 30th, 630-830pm.  There will be fun snacks and some talk about how a change in diet created a change in a truly inspirational woman’s life.  Come join us! REGISTER for FREE here.

Kevin and Lauren, showing why pull-ups are important. 🙂

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Shoulders, 5 minutes.

POSTURAL ACTIVATION: 1 minute of each: Child Pose plus Internal Rotation Mob (keep chest to the floor), Add Bullwinkle hands plus Rotation, Jimmy Buffetts (remember to switch legs).

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 2 minutes of: 3 reps Scap Push-ups, 5 second wide-grip pronated Scap Pull-ups on bar, 5 second supinated grip of the same, 4 Jumping Lunges (jump a total of 4 times), Arm Swings as needed.

STRENGTH: Pronated Grip Pull-up, up to a peak of 2.


Every minute on the minute, for 12 minutes:

Attempt your peak of 3 pull-up (choose from the two previous weeks) for one rep.

Then complete, men: 10 push-ups, women: 5 push-ups, followed by 10 jumping lunges (10 total jumps) 

For every round in which you do not complete the total amount of work, you get a point.  Your score is your total number of points. 

*if you must, ask a Coach to estimate a 3-rep max for you.

If you have consistent muscle-ups you may also complete:

AMRAP in 12 minutes of “Nate” – 2 Muscle-ups, 4 HSPU, 8 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5)


Tuesday, 5/15/12

14 May

CONDITIONING (click the link to see the programming AND a description of the purpose of this class) with Tim at 630am (1/2 hour class)
(click the link to see the programming) with Erin at 7-9am and with Jim at 530-730pm
ADVANCED OLY with Jim at 9-11am and 730pm-930pm
CROGA with Tim at 730pm

Don’t forget that Registration for Summer Camp is officially OPEN!

To learn how to flex your mind – sign up today for Annie’s Mental Strength Seminar (THIS SUNDAY afternoon!)

Keep your mind open: keep your body and movements as free as possible. An open mind is not one that is easily filled with every bit of nonsense that is current. It is one that has not fixed on concrete ideas about anything, a mind that reflects, seeks, and basically, yearns for knowledge, improvement, success, and in the case of the last lets nothing stand in the way of achievement, leaves no stone unturned, no experiment untried. Percy Cerutty, pioneering running coach

FIRST TIME COMPETITORS at Regionals talk about their experience below.  Record made it this year after less than a YEAR total of CrossFit – where do YOU want be by next year? The best time to start, is now.

Anna and Record battle it out last year at the Battle of the Bands.


SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Shoulders, 3 minutes.
MOBILITY: Band Pec Stretch, 1 minute each side.
SKILL WORK: Tripod to Headstand to HSPU (if possible – use a band to assist if needed). Teach for 2 minutes, practice for about 10 minutes.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Single Arm Ring Row Tabata (switch arms at every interval)
STRENGTH: Press, up to a peak of 3.

Back to Basics. Plus “Fran” every Friday.

7 May

UPCOMING EVENTS (mark your calendars now!)

PALEO POTLUCK.  At CFCC. Saturday, May 12th.  530-730pm.  Bring a dish with the ingredients.  Best three GREEN dishes win prizes!

A MINDSET FOR SUCCESS: Seminar for Procrastinators Everywhere, May 20th.  2-5pm

PROM. June 23rd.

DECATHALON.  Registration opens 6pm, May 13th.  The first 10 tickets sold are $50 off!

PROGRAMMING for our regular CrossFit “WORKOUT OF THE DAY” Sessions:

As CFCC waits for a few of its full-time Coaches to finish up their studies (Go, Sammy and Liz!) we will be doing as much as we can to make sure that our classes run as smoothly as possible given the ever-growing numbers of members, and class opportunities. In addition to all this, we eagerly await the addition of a little more help to our staff (both Coaching and Administrative) – in the meantime, this cycle is ALL about getting back to the basics.

If you are new to CFCC, it’s the perfect cycle to gain your sea-legs with. The format will be a little easier, with warm-ups staying MOSTLY the same for the same days and a lot of your single-limb work being placed in position at the beginning of the hour. Skill work will stay the same for the days that you are doing upper body strength work as well which will mean that we’re able to increase in strength, cross-sectional stability, and skill.

You’ll notice too, that instead of consistently focusing on many benchmarks only on certain days of the week – we are focusing on just one this cycle: Fran. For everything you ever needed to know about “Fran”, please examine the below:

The Story of Fran.

Fooling Around with Fran.

What is a Benchmark Workout?

Are we trying to specialize in one workout? No. Not really. We are trying to see what effect can be had by taking a cycle to work on kipping, a skill that is absolutely a huge part of your understanding of proper mechanics, mobility, and power output in CrossFit. We are taking that skill and transferring that to a small volume (45 total reps in “Fran”) while simultaneously experimenting with what the mind can do when presented with a test of intensity more frequently (kipping pull-ups alternated with relatively light thrusters in “Fran”). Sure you can get “Fran” done in under 6 minutes. As rx’d. But just how DOES someone think themselves into completing more than the guy next to them with the same abilities? That comes from a lot of heart, preparation, and a respect for the phrase “every second counts”.

For more inspiration, check out these performances:

The Men’s Master’s Division (+50yrs.) at the CrossFit Games completes “Fran” 

Mel Ockerby completes “Fran” in the Team Competition of last year’s CrossFit Games in 238. 

ODE TO FRAN – it’s kind of a big deal.

One-armed Fran (yes, the pullups too) from Rob Orlando.

The first ever men’s sub-two-minute Fran.

MONDAY: Back Squat: 3, 3, 2, 1 – Single Leg Warm-up
TUESDAY: Press: 3, 3, 2, 1 – Single Arm Rowing Warm-up and Handstand Push-up Activation.
WEDNESDAY: Weighted Chest-to-Bar Pull-up (Pronated Grip): 3, 3, 2, 1 – Kipping Warm-up and Skill Work (Butterfly and Gymnastics).
THURSDAY: Clean and Jerk, up to a peak of 1 every week. Short Conditioning Work.
FRIDAY: Conventional Deadlift: 3, 3, 2, 1 – FRAN every week.
SATURDAY: Running and Rowing Skill Work
SUNDAY: Team/Partner Workouts

A Mind Set for Success

4 May

A Mind Set For Success With CFCC-er Annie Stone!

Looking for something to kickstart you training goals?  Studying patterns?  How about eating habits (::cough BCCCers cough::)?  This day is for you! 

When: May 20, 2012 2-5 PM
Where: Crossfit Center City

$20 for members of the CFCC BCCC – in cash at Seminar.
$25 for members
$45 for non-members
$20 ($5 off for anyone who brings a friend or relative)

TO SIGN UP – look under “SEMINARS” on Mindbody.

For more details about the seminar, check out this outline.  

For more about Annie Stone, go here.

Monday, 4/30/12

29 Apr

Croga at 12pm and 630pm with Tim.

It’s PEAK WEEK. Welcome to the week of singles!  If you don’t keep a workout log – START ONE THIS WEEK!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll and Lax Ball as needed til 10 past the hour.
MOBILITY: Box Assisted Spiderman Stretch, 1 minute each side. Box Assisted 90/90, 1 minute each side. Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute each side.
POSTURAL STABILIZATION: Single Leg Squat Hold, 1 minute each side.
ACTIVATION: Box Jump, Work up to a peak of 1 in 8 minutes.
STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to a peak of 1.
***Especially in the 6am and 7am classes, absolutely no dumping/missing of barbells allowed – use a spot if you’re even a little bit unsure of a set.***
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: Tabata Burpees. Your score is your total number of burpees.

And now… for a VERY BIG DEAL…


Bathing suit? Check. Boom socks? Check. Bug spray? Check. It’s official, y’all, CFCC is going to summer camp! Mark your calendars for Friday, August 24 – Sunday, August 26! Registration will begin at noon on Friday and there WILL be workshops and WODs, along with all sorts of activities throughout the afternoon, so plan your time off from work accordingly! We will be headed to Indian Heada summer camp and mountain retreat located in Equinuck, PA – about 3.5 hours from Philadelphia – for a weekend of adventure, beast-mode engagement, and all of your favorite CrossFitting friends.

Your weekend includes: Dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday; 2 nights of accommodations; the CFCC Jamboree on Saturday night, featuring a pig roast, campfire, dancing, and open bar; specialized programming; workshops from guest presenters; and of course, the First Annual CrossFit Center City Decathlon.

Regular Members = $475; Students = $375. The first 10 people to sign up get $50 off of the appropriate registration fee! Registration begins soon!

Summer Camp is brought to you by Trap Door Athletics,the brand, spankin’ new business venture of Emily Record and Cassie Haynes Grassia. Find out more about who they are and what they do on their website, www.trapdoorathletics.com

Don’t forget to Like TDA on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, @fleethebox!!

Sunday, 4/22/12

21 Apr

Regular Sessions at 10am and 12pm.
Croga at 11am.
Gymnastics at 9am and 2pm.
Advanced Class at 2pm.

SIGN UP FOR THE CFCC BCCC this WEDNESDAY by emailing me (erin@crossfitcc.com) and letting me know whether you’d like to do the virtual version ($50 – one food log due a week for 40 days, feedback on your food log with edits for the next week, and any other suggestions you may need) or the in-person version ($100 – one food log due a week for 40 days which you will be able to go over in person – name your preference if you have one because I (Erin) will not be the only one reviewing logs this time – in 4 1/2 hour sessions.  In both cases you will also meet to weigh in, talk goals, and then weigh in at the end of the challenge.  You are eligible for prizes with both entry fees as well – and all KINDS of awesome events will be happening during the course of this challenge – starting with the below:

A TRIP TO WYEBROOK FARM (leave from the gym at 830am – return by 1130am) – Wyebrook Farm is an amazing farm about an hour away from Philly that happens to raise some of the best pastured chickens and pork, (plus much more) in the area.  Their market is opening this coming Saturday morning and we’re going out to pick up food and grab a quick bite in their cafe – come with us and take in the beauty of Lancaster as you walk the grounds and actually see where food you can feel good about really comes from!

YOGA FOR LIFT-OFF with Gina Stickney (SATURDAY, 12-3pm) – just $15 for members, $50 for non-members – a full 3 hours of yoga for CrossFitters, including time for theory and practice!  Come out and open up your shoulders and hips, reset your posture for the coming week ahead, and learn how to incorporate this practice into every one of our CROGA classes.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy: 

SMR: lax ball shoulders, 5 minutes
Mobility: band overhead stretch, 1 minute each side
Dynamic Warm-up: 5 rounds: 5 cat camels, 10 second invert grip hang, 10 arm circles back & front, 5 arch to hollow rock overs, 3 forward rolls
Skill: handstand walking
Met-Con: AMRAP 15 Minutes
20ft handstand walking
5 toes-to-bar
5 candle roll-to-tuck jumps

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: As needed, until 10 past.
MOBILITY: Coaches’ Choice. 5 minutes.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 5 minutes of Red Light, Green Light.
STRENGTH: 30 ft., Farmer’s Walk as much Weight as you can.
*Each handle weighs 49lbs. Plus the clips, each handle is 50lbs.*–
Previous times we’ve done Farmer’s Walks.

WOD 12.5 of the CrossFit Games Open

Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following the rep scheme below:
100 pound Thruster, 3 reps
3 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 6 reps
6 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 9 reps
9 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 12 reps
12 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 18 reps
18 Chest to bar Pull-ups
100 pound Thruster, 21 reps
21 Chest to bar Pull-ups…

This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 21, go on to 24. If you complete 24, go on to 27, etc.

Women use 65lbs. If you do not have an unassisted Chest to Bar pull-up you should still use the same range of motion (ROM)- use as much help from a band as you need to gain full ROM.

Video explanation is here.

ADVANCED CLASS, 2pm with Tim:

MOBILITY and DYNAMIC WARM-UP: As needed, 15 minutes.

CFCC Movie Night and Paleo Potluck!

9 Feb

No costumes required for this one! 🙂

3 days before the CrossFit Open begins and probably the final big event we will hold in this space (CRAZY! We move in Mid-March)…

Come out on Sunday, February 19, 2012.  Starting at 5pm we’ll dig into some food and then start the movie at about 530pm.

We’ll be watching the movie on the wall! 🙂

Bring PALEO/PRIMAL FOOD only – or, at least label your food with what’s in it. Sign up in the gym to let us know what you’ll be bringing.  And sign up on the MINDBODY Scheduler  (under Seminars) to let us know that you’ll be there.  

All members of CFCC and all friends and family are invited.  This is a free and open event!