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A Valentine.

13 Feb

A Valentine: 10 Things I love about CFCC.

1. The Incredibly Talented Members.

2. That this used to be the gym (a racquetball court)… and that so many of our members are STILL with us from this time.

3. Everyone of you is different – and I love it!

4. Every day, every hour, people change. Here, Mel does a box jump during one of her first workouts in the original CFCC space. To look at her now, you wouldn’t know she was the same person at all.

5. Coaches, and members (!) who care about a standard.

6. Everyone is always ready to try new things. 🙂

7. Where else can you still have PROM?

8. Nobody takes themselves too seriously.

9. Moments like these.

10. All the new opportunities ahead for CFCC – new space, new coaches, new outlooks.

You all are the best.  Thank you for being YOU.

With great love, and great muscle-up transitions,



From Avener, to all of you. A VERY IMPORTANT POST.

31 Jan

Dear Members,

CFCC is about to get a whole lot more organized. We’re also about to ditch the Google Calendar.

Tomorrow, February 1st, we’re moving to MindBody.

MindBody is a type of software that allows us to schedule classes, sign people up for classes, and do recurring payments, all in one place. All of your payment info will automatically switch over on February 1st. The only difference that you should notice should be a change in the title of the transaction on your bank statement. It should still be the same amount, withdrawn on the same day. If anything different happens, EMAIL ME (AVENER) IMMEDIATELY AT CROSSFITCC and we will fix it post haste. We’re hoping the transition is flawless, but since I had to enter everything manually it’s quite likely that I made a few mistakes. As the Department of Homeland Security says, if you see something, say something.

And now, for class sign-ups. First of all, no more self-deleting Google Calendar. Hooray!

1. Go here.

2. Bookmark it. You’ll need it often.

3. You will see the class schedule. Click on the first class that you would like to attend.

4. A box will pop up. Enter your name under ‘New to Our Site.’

5. This will take you to a screen where it shows you names that look like yours. Click on your name.

6. Create a login for yourself so you don’t have to do this every single time.

7. It’s important that you click on your name and find yourself – this ensures that you are linked to your payment information, rather than starting a new account and, subsequently, a new payment plan.

Now, more than ever, you will need to sign in for each individual class. Most of you are good little elves and sign in on the Google Calendar every day. We appreciate you in a serious way. From now on, everyone must sign up for a class at least 15 minutes in advance on MindBody. If you know you want to come but don’t have internet access, call us. We’ll add you in. But don’t show up if you haven’t signed up or gotten in touch with us about your inability to sign up. You will also notice on that site that all classes are now capped at 20 people. We rarely reach that many in one class, so it shouldn’t be shutting any of you out. Some of you evening CFCC-ers may have noticed Tim assistant coaching from time to time. We are now providing a second coach for any classes over 10 people. The 20-person cap ensures that we never have more than ten people to one coach. The smaller caps on the specialty classes, like Oly, will also remain in effect. They have waitlist options as well.

Look around the site tonight if you have some free time – there are a ton of cool features. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email.

If you are having any technical issues, you can also consult MindBody themselves here.

We’re confident that this is going to be a step in the right direction for a bigger and better CFCC. We’re also hoping that the transition will be smooth and flawless. However, we recognize that there might be some growing pains as we all learn to adjust to a new system. If this is the case, please bear with us. Also, keep in mind that we’re here for you – if you have suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to send them our way so we can work on them!

Quite possibly one of the most important posts ever.

23 Jan

Coach Chris and Sammy and Avener checking out plans in the new space.

There are a number of very big changes that are taking place soon at CFCC – and this post is meant to inform you all, the wonderful collection of folks that make up this great place we call CrossFit Center City, of everything that will be going down in the next few months.

As many of you know, we sent a survey out to members about a month ago and since then, all the Coaches and I, Erin, have been taking a lot of your responses to heart. We love what we do and we earnestly want to do it better. Your encouragement, comments, and critiques are much appreciated and always taken into consideration. All that to say, while we won’t be getting any slip n’slides yet (yes, that was requested by at least two members of the gym) – the changes below are a direct reflection of your honest answers. Thank you for helping us!

1. We’re moving.  

Yup.  So many of you asked for more space that we just went on ahead and decided it would be a good idea to get some.  🙂  Actually in all honesty, the sound test for this current space was just not cutting it with the institution of potential residents in the apartments above us.  No one lives there now, but if they did, we’d definitely have to go quiet and get REALLY good at walking on our hands, pullups, and jumping and landing SUPER silently.  So far, no one’s moved in, but when/if the day comes, the Programming will reflect that.  With any luck, we’ll be out before this happens.

What else will the new space have?

The new space will be at 13th and Chestnut and will be 8 thousand contiguous feet, or 4x more than the size of the ground floor of our current space.  The re-opening will be April Fools’ Day (ha!) but the new space will be finished before then so expect us to move somewhere around mid-March.

Men’s and Women’s Locker rooms, with lots more showers.  I’m looking at you, Tess and Eileen, and the rest of the 8am crew.  We’ll have to rig some sweet radios in there so y’all can sing for joy and take all the time you want.

Room enough for Wallballs but shorter rope space (height).

The potential for holding LOTS of new equipment – many of you asked for Strongman stuff, don’t worry – your time is coming!

Separate spaces for concurrent classes (Yoga, Kid’s Classes, Elements, Endurance, and Olympic Lifting) and offices separate from workout space (no more worrying about dumping a bar on Tim’s computer).

A better sound system – for seamless samba music for you to WOD to – heh heh.

ALL OF YOU – at the same rate that you have always been at EVEN with all these great new features – but RAISED prices for potential new members – $200/mth, but still $150/mth for those eligible for discounts.

Now for the more ABSOLUTELY AMAZING elements that are changing at CFCC…

2. Avener is here!

By now, if you haven’t seen her than you really haven’t been here – Emily Avener is back to CFCC as Gym Manager.

3. The Gym is now being cleaned offically three more times a week than it was.

Also, we have a backpack vac.  Yeah, I know you’re jealous.

4. New Classes

MOBILITY – Now in 1/2 hour increments Wednesday after the noon and on Saturdays at 11am.
GYMNASTICS – A Skill Session every Saturday at 1pm and 9am and 2pm on Sunday.
Later CROSSFIT Class on the Weekend – 2pm on Saturday and the later Gymnastics Classes.
MORE OLYMPIC LIFTING – An INTRO class on Wednesday night during the week – and more soon after CFCC BCCC ends. And 3 more Advanced Classes focusing on this a week.
INJURY PREVENTION CLASSES – Coming soon… an entire segment of classes tailored toward people who have movement deficits, in this case, we will be taking roughly three classes a week to concentrate on people who struggle with shoulder issues.  This class will be open to all members but capped for participation as with all specialty classes.  The emphasis will be on corrective exercise and measurable postural progress – also, on pulling a LOT of stuff in different directions to buttress the shoulder joint from all sides.  Both strength work AND metabolic conditioning work will be a part of every session.

5. Scheduling Classes

We are aware the at the Google Calendar is not always the MOST reliable way to sign up for things.  We are working on this and come mid-February the entire gym will be switching over to a new way of signing up for classes through a system called MINDBODY – yup, with keytags and everythang.  

And, if you DO delete sessions on the Google Calendar before this time, Pukie the CrossFit clown will visit you in your nightmares and make you do Fran after eating a Big Mac and a Milkshake…and a Pizza… covered in Anchovies and Licorice.

6. Dogs in the Gym

So many of you are so kind and mentioned in the survey that Maddox (and friends) is absolutely your favorite part of the gym – he thinks that’s just great.  I told the coaches we should work on our dopey cuteness a little because he’s clearly showing us up.  In all seriousness though, a lot of you also expressed your concerns with things like allergies and cleanliness in the gym as a result of having Maddox, etc. around.

Rest easy.  I know what it’s like to have some pretty massively bad dog allergies – trust me, like, showers and loads and laundry don’t cure it, and Walgreens runs out of tissue boxes.  Therefore, the new rule is, Maddox is allowed in the gym but ONLY behind the desk.  Please don’t tempt him from behind it even though I know he makes some pretty darn cute faces.  Also, all other dogs are not allowed in the gym.  Your cooperation in making this happen is greatly appreciated.  Dog dates are allowed.  And we will definitely organize some CFCC dog park days as EVERYONE knows that when dogs AREN’T making you sneeze, they’re still really awesome.  Cats on the other hand… 😉

7. Programming

Lots of suggestions were made and were definitely taken to heart.  Expect to see some pretty exciting things changing when we move and until then more thorough explanations of how programming works (like this post).  Remember, if you have a question – please ALWAYS ask!  We want to hear what you are thinking!

8. What is the Elements Class?

The Elements Class is our new version of On Ramp.  It is a six course class that takes place every 3 weeks and is arranged according to the schedules of those interested in joining CFCC.  If 3 people get together and request a specific hour we will find someone to coach it!  The cost to take this class is $75 and involves very personalized training (in classes of 6 people or less) that is cumulative in nature, i.e. you must attend all classes to make it to the last one and understand what’s going on AND in order to enter into normal classes at CFCC.

That’s right… there are NO MORE FREE SESSIONS at CFCC. If you have a friend who is interested in trying out CrossFit this class is not a huge financial commitment but still involves top-notch instruction and some kind of commitment from them so they will be able to give CrossFit more than just a passing glance.  This class also means that new members will have gained proficiency in virtually ALL of the major movements of CrossFit – this will help classes to move along smoothly and will decrease the rate of injury among new members.

If you would like to GIFT the Elements class to someone, the cost is always $50 (two thirds of the normal price).

If you have any questions about this change, please just let us know!

9. A new Coach in training at CFCC: Cassie Haynes Grassia.

That’s right, the notorious C.H.G. has joined our ranks and is now taking on some small sessions/clients.  More information on Cassie’s role at CFCC will surface as she dives into shadowing and seeing our home from the perspective of a Coach and not a member.  Please give her encouragement as she works her way into filling out this position.  We love her and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her at CFCC!

Cassie, rowing in a competition at CrossFit Hoboken.

 10. Capped Classes.

As many of you might have noticed, we’ve capped a lot of our specialty classes.  The cap for a class will almost always be on the website or on the Google Calendar when there is one.  Please respect the cap, and also be sure to let people on the list know if you do not plan to attend – or, ATTEND STUFF YOU SIGN UP FOR.  We still haven’t placed a cap on normal classes but from now on, during all evening classes there will be an assistant Coach for whenever the class is over 10 people. 

Everything you need to know about the CrossFit Total.

17 Jan

Daffy, in one of my favorite photos ever, by Ramsey Beyer.

It’s the week of the CrossFit Total!

The CrossFit Total, as many of you know, is this coming weekend on Saturday! The deadline to sign up for a time slot is THIS THURSDAY. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to max your deadlift, back squat, and press in one day! You get three attempts to max once you’re on deck. Usually this means your first is a given, your second is a PR attempt, and your third is something WILDLY crazy that may or may not actually lead to your getting petechia.

We do this two times a year and it’s always completely worth it to see how far your training has allowed you to progress. If you’re wondering why we emphasize Strength so much at CFCC, check this explanation out from the Mayo Clinic.  Also, remember to be familiar with this article from the CrossFit Journal, – strength plays a huge part in the foundation of a good athlete and an optimally healthy person.

For more information about the CrossFit Total go here.

To see what Totalling looks like at CrossFit Center City, go here, and here.

What to do on the day of:

The gym will be open on Saturday morning pretty early and will be all laid out so you understand exactly where you should go when you get there. Since sometimes we have spectators (WHO ARE VERY WELCOME) it’s important that everyone follow directions and stay in their designated areas. The CrossFit Total is open to members of the gym ONLY.

A great mobility piece for Squatting Big, photo by Ramsey Beyer.

Upon entering the gym, Emily Avener, our lovely new/old all around CFCC Superfriend will be directing you to a warm-up station along with giving you a much less entertaining summary of the structure of the day. Should you have any questions about where to be or what to be – you can always ask her, or myself (Erin) what you should do. Once your hour of lifting has begun, you are expected to report to the platform – aka, if you signed up for 10am – that’s when you move from general warm-up to warming up for your first lift.

Rach, in the first space CFCC occupied (you can understand by looking at this why we REALLY needed to move), back squatting what she currently triples easily. Photo by Mike Mackintosh.

As a subset of the Squatting Area – the Squatting Warm-up Area will be manned by Chris Santaniello, the man with a heart of gold and almost as many box jumps as Record (sorry, Chris). In all seriousness, Chris will be there to get you from empty barbell to your first attempt on the platform so be ready to tell him what weights you’d like to open with if any.

The Squatting Warm-up Area and Platform will both be downstairs in the CFCC Strength Dungeon and will be manned by none other than the illustrious Jim Rutter and the infamous Tim Heckman (of TIMJIM, a new jerky made only of the wildest boar of German forests). They will be your trusted spotters and will guide you should you need assistance in making fateful decisions about what weights to lift for your three attempts at the best back squat you can muster.

Meghan, pulling 300lbs. - a year in the making. Photo by Mike Mackintosh.

Once you have squatted you will ever-so-slyly be asked to move directly on to warming up for your Deadlift. You may sumo or conventional deadlift since there is no reward but the sheer ecstasy of your own personal improvement. Mistressing the Deadlift Warm-up station on the First Floor of the gym will be a woman of sound mind and +345lb. Deadlifting Body: Cassie Haynes Grassia. Cassie, a CFCC Coach in training (what, what?) will be able to help you ramp up to your first of three attempts at the MOST WEIGHT YOU CAN PICK UP, otherwise known as the Deadlift.

A woman who can single leg deadlift your mom will be waiting for you on the Deadlift platform. Elizabeth Edmonds, known for her keen eye and shameless love of a good lockout will be watching your deadlift attempts and will actually signal you to drop your deadlift if and only if she truly believes you are done. Pine for the signal, friends – it means real and good things have happened.

Arrus, racked for the press. Photo by Ramsey Beyer.

Summoning up all your courage you may take your buzzing spinal erectors to the Barbell Pressing Platform where you will be asked to name your three attempts and simply work up to them as you are able. The aptly named Samantha “Pixie Warrior” Wright, will be standing by to sprinkle eager admonitions of “HEAD THROUGH, HEAD THROUGH, HEAD THROUGH,” at you for as many reps as she must (but no more than three).

After EVERY lift (and not at the end of all lifts) you MUST report your numbers to Avener for her safe-keeping. They will be placed on a chart for posterity’s sake and will ne’er be forgotten – until you shatter through them at the next CrossFit Total.

How to prepare for the day.

The programming this week is intended to allow for a tapering of your training so that Saturday is the day you will be able to peak appropriately. We often perform lifts for a “peak set” – on the day of the Total, you’re looking to be at the peak of your peaks! We often joke that this is one of two days out of the year that you are allowed to lift slow.

Here are a few steps to making your CrossFit Total day as good as it can be:

1. Do train during the week. Every day of this week will attempt to keep intensity high, and volume low. You should feel powerful and a little antsy by Saturday. The movements of the total will be in the rotation but they will not be exhausted by any means. Friday’s training in regular classes will reflect the total but will also contain an alternate WOD for members who will not be able to make Saturday (the Total).
2. Go to Mobility class. Gaining better mobility for the lifts is a bit like taking the parking brake off while driving a Ferrari. Without the mobility to complete certain lifts you’re really only partially experiencing your strength.
3. Get lots of rest if you can. Good sleep means good neural recovery which means – fast and strong lifts!
4. Eat before you lift and if you normally do coffee – definitely do it on the day of – but not too much. This may be a day that only focuses on 9 reps but these are some of the hardest reps you’ll do this winter – fuel for them! Don’t eat too much and don’t eat anything that’s tough to digest, i.e. bacon and eggs and a bit of fruit BEFORE total steak, eggs, and potatoes AFTER ☺
5. Know what you want to lift. Come prepared to talk to a coach about what you would like to do that day in the squat, deadlift, and press. Dream dreams of bigger deadlifts, deep squats, and speedy presses.
6. If you want, dress fancy. Ramsey Beyer will be there to capture all the wonderfully strained moments of the day – if you’ve got stuff that makes you look weird, strong, awesome, paleolithic, CFCCish, or more like a superhero – this is your day to strut your stuff.

See? Earrings, purple leopard print pants = better Deadlift. Photo by Mike Mackintosh.

A long time ago we did Sandbag Turkish Get Ups!

5 Oct

CFCCMOTM (CFCC Meeting of the Muscles)

17 May

Wanna hang out with these people???

What: CFCC Meeting of the Muscles (CFCCMOTM — hah!)
Where: Marathon Grill, 10th and Walnut (UpBar, 2nd floor)
When: Monday, May 23rd
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm(ish)
AMRAP in 3 hours: buy drinks, order food, shmooz
3…..2….1 GO!
Please RSVP on the Google Calendar by Saturday, May 21st
(Many thanks to Drew for organizing!)

15 people in February.

3 Feb

Jake (new!) presses for the first time.

Greetings, CFCCers.

As some of you may know, while we absolutely love operating in the new space and feel that the coming months will welcome the best gym CFCC has seen yet – we’re missing a few things.  If we had our druthers we’d be introducing you to a fully outfitted, fully operational, and fully uh, heated gym – with like, gilded rings, a pommel horse, and squat cages a la Eric Cressey. The truth of the matter is though, we’re doing things as well as we can for the first time ever in our lives – but everything’s not perfect.

All that said, due to some unanticipated costs involving construction and installing the bathrooms Greg and I have been doing a lot of thinking about our present situation and we decided to go ahead and ask for your help.

We’d like to offer you all (and any friends you have that are interested in CrossFit) some discounted months in exchange for paying in one lump sum for 6 months of CrossFit.  Here’s the deal: for $750 in cash or check, you can get 6 months of CFCC training.  That’s basically getting a free month of CrossFit!

We know that some of you have offered to do this in the past even at your regular rate and so we hope that the discount will make a lot of sense to at least 15 of you.  We’d like to make this offer to just 15 members, new or old.

Paying forward will basically allow us to put that pull-up bar up (among other things) SOONER rather than LATER. No matter what, we’ve budgeted to continue work on 210 S. 13th St. throughout the coming months as the business continues to generate funds. That given, we know a lot of you would like to see these changes ASAP.  This is how we can make that happen, and hopefully, save our members a little in the long run.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please email us at crossfitcc@gmail.com and put 750 in the subject line.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Many thanks for everything,

E and G.