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ASK MEG. Gotta question about the BCCC? Ask Meg!

4 Sep

I have a general concept of this program, but what are the restrictions during the month?

Is all alcohol off the table?

Is it to make the best attempt possible to eat clean?

I have a pretty healthy lifestyle and try to make good choices for the majority of the time.


Glad to hear you’re interested in participating!
So, here’s the deal with all of this. We don’t make broad/sweeping recommendations for everyone, mostly because we recognize that every single person is not only in a different place in their journey mentally, but also physically. We have people coming into this that are eating Frosted Flakes for breakfast every morning and a pound of pasta at dinner and are thin and want to be stronger, and we have people that are 80 pounds overweight that drink 8 diet sodas every day, and we have people that eat pretty strict Paleo and want to lose a few more pounds of bodyweight. We also have people that are training for the Games, for triathlons, and for Oly lifting competitions. So, if you think about it, there’s no way I could just tell all of those people to do the same exact thing.
That said, when you come to the nutrition seminar you’ll get a sense of suggestions we make that pretty much everyone can benefit from (choosing whole foods over packaged foods, cooking vs eating every lunch in a restaurant, avoiding sugar, etc). We view the BCCC as a time that everyone can set a goal and take a month to really focus 100% of your energy to complete that goal, in whatever form that may be.
So, as a long and rambling response to a very short question, is alcohol off the table? It depends on where you’re coming from and what you want. If you just want to explore what it feels like to ditch gluten for awhile, then beer would be off the table, but wine wouldn’t. If you find yourself eating really clean during the week then faceplanting into cheese fries on Friday nights after 4 vodka tonics, then I’d possibly take a few weeks to see if weekend alcohol consumption is really as benign as you may think. If you really want to see how much body fat you can drop with a month of focus, then yes, alcohol would be off the table (because as much as we want to dance around the issue – trust me, I love red wine – there’s nothing about alcohol that’s doing you any favors with regard to body comp). Do you have to give up alcohol FOREVER? Absolutely not. Is it possible to go an entire month without drinking? Absolutely YES.
Is it about eating as clean as possible? Yes, depending on your definition of eating clean. I’d say it’s really more a month of focusing on nutrition. 
I think it would be awesome if you could come to the nutrition seminar on Saturday and get a feel for the experiments we’ve done and the success we’ve seen so many members have over all the prior incarnations of the BCCC. If you want to wait to decide about participating til then, that’s perfectly all right. 
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions at all!