Tim Heckman

Tim Heckman. CrossFit Coach, Yoga (CROGA!) Instructor.

Tim comes to us with a wide background of experience with athletics and CrossFit. We love him for his board short collection, eclectic Yoga mix, and Oly hip power. We also really love that he prefers to cue most athletes by way of food analogies (we’re not kidding, just wait for it).

He’s a committed athlete and a studious Coach. As one of Tim’s first Coaches in CrossFit at CrossFit Tribe I (Erin) can vouch for his long-held interest in the sport and the energy he brings to a room when he trains along with our members.  His positivity and drive to constantly be better today than yesterday are infectious.

Tim is an avid learner (in spite of surfer dude speak) and a dedicated Coach. We expect great things from the “Heck Man” in the years to come at CFCC.

Hear about Tim from Tim:

Prior to coming to CFCC I personal trained in a medically based fitness facility in New Jersey, as well as worked in college Recreation at Rowan University. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and I’m always up for trying something different. When I was in school working for my degree in Exercise Science, I found CrossFit. It had me hooked immediately.

My beginnings were training in my garage or local gym. However in order to get serious about it, I knew I would have to find a gym with the proper environment and equipment. I had to step up my game, so I joined CrossFit Tribe in New Jersey. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start. The coaches were amazing and the other members were inspiring. I knew from that point on, I wanted to embrace this mindset toward health and fitness. It has helped me become a better athlete, and it has helped me motivate clients to achieve a better life.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a lifestyle. It causes a person to reevaluate what they consider to be healthy; everything from a workout to how you sleep. A person does CrossFit not only for it’s benefits but also for the change it creates in your mind.

Most memorable CrossFit moment:

Team Febreeze crushing it at the Albany Fall Face Off.

Goals for your own training?

Complete an official macro-cycle for my training, kick ass at sectionals, and hopefully make Regionals.

Hobbies outside of training?

Surfing, Adventure and travel enthusiast, Kung Fu movie connoisseur, loud music, collector of ostentatious board shorts, reading and researching anything fitness-related


BA in Exercise Science with a specialization in Health Promotion and Fitness Management, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Football Certification, Freestyle Connection Seminar Attendee, YogaFit Level 1, Cancer Exercise Specialist, and pending CSCS


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