Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright. Gymnastics Coach, Olympic Lifting Coach, CrossFit Coach.

Sammy comes to CFCC from an elite-level gymnastics background and has since developed her barbell skills considerably. In the last few years of training CrossFit in Philadelphia Sammy has blossomed as a Coach and as an athlete. She competed admirably in many area competitions in this last year and is hoping to enter the circle of athletes competing for the CrossFit Games at some point in her career.  For now, she’s pretty focused on competing at the National Level in Olympic Weightlifting. When she’s not doing all of these things (wow!) you can find her hunting for fish in Reading Terminal Market or perusing vintage markets all over Philadelphia.

What is CrossFit?

For some it is a “killer workout,” a means of getting bigger or leaner, a way to get off the couch or simply a break from the mundane “globo-gym” routine. Whatever one’s definition may be, it’s become clear to me that it goes so far beyond “commonly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” The term encapsulates and applies the spirit, passion, and strength of an individual derived from and spreading to all experiences of life. It is a union of the body and self, bringing awareness into a being so that they may live in the present moment spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically balanced. The bond of the two words in “CrossFit” mirrors the bonds created in its setting, the sense of family and friendships grown not from a common interest, but a common passion. It is for this reason that I may be unable to apply a definition to “CrossFit,” as the term itself has helped me define my own self.

Most memorable CrossFit moment:

Each day I train and coach I am lucky enough to witness these moments. Moment’s like Stu’s first pullup, Rachel pushing through 150 burpees just a few weeks after having a baby, running alongside my team across the finish line at one of my first competitions. Each and everyone of them is so memorable, but one that stands out took place at the Hybrid Summer Challenge competition 2010. After a grueling 4 events, the last workout was “Death by Thrusters.” After the rest of the competitors had dropped out rounds earlier, there was one last man standing. In his last rounds, the group of a hundred or so spectators and some of the most elite athletes in the sport(including his competition) surrounded this final competitor. In those moments there was no competition, only a man, a barbell, and strength. The strength of not only him, but of every individual in the gym. Each sound in the room was a cry of support and every ounce of strength within our bodies and thoughts was devoted to him to conquer this one act. There was no longer competition, simply a community of support to help a man in conquering a feat.

Goals for my own training:
  • Make it onto the podium in the 53kg weight class at USAW Nationals 2013
  • Compete in olympic weightlifting internationally within the next two years

Hobbies outside of training:

There are hobbies outside of training? Since when? …Hiking, reading, meditating, living.


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • 10 years competitive USAG Gymnastics experience
  • 3 years USAG Gymnastics Trainer experience
  • Competed nationally in olympic weightlifting (American Open 2012, U.S. Nationals 2012)
  • Completed Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar


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