Rachel Baratz

Rachel Baratz. Assistant CrossFit Coach.

I remember the first day that Rachel Baratz stepped foot into our tiny room (the former CFCC box) on Camac Street.  She was carrying lots of shopping bags, was really eager to start, and could barely put her arms over her head without pain.  All that said, she was the single most cheery person I’ve ever seen begin CrossFit.  She jumped in with both feet and has never looked back.

Besides being an incredibly committed athlete, Rachel is an exceptional learner.  She has taken over 3 years of her life to delve into the life of a CrossFitter: she has worked through the aches and pains of learning new movements, bravely bore the examination of her own eating habits before and after pregnancy, and experimented with different realms of competition within CrossFit and its extensions (POSE Running, Gymnastics – teaching CFCC’s first kipping clinics, Olympic Lifting, Pregnant CrossFitting – she’s done it all!).  She’s seen CFCC’s biggest deadlifts, heaviest pull-ups, best Olympic Lifters, and strangest workouts – and most of that, ALL while attending the 6am class at CFCC. She’s also so strong for her size that we’ve seriously contemplated just calling her “ant”.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Mama Baratz moving into an Assistant Coaching position.  She is an avid listener, a fierce competitor, and a patient teacher.  We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her at CFCC!

A little more about Rachel:

Rachel is so excited to be joining the coaching staff after training at CrossFit Center City for over 3 years. She came to CFCC in April, 2009 after finding herself in a bit of a workout slump. She had done marathons, half marathons, kickboxing, spinning, boot camp, etc., and she just needed something new. After a friend from Dallas, TX told her about CrossFit, she made my way to CFCC for her first class and never left! She has spent these last 3 years really learning, studying, and observing the amazing coaches that started CrossFit Center City, Erin Davidson and Greg Privitera. Their strong foundation has given her the tools to help our athletes excel.

She has also had the unique opportunity to train throughout her pregnancy. She competed in the 2010 CrossFit Games Sectionals at CF King of Prussia the day before she found out she was pregnant, and she did her last workout the day before her due date. She would love to be a resource for any woman who has concerns about training while pregnant, and just as importantly, how to train while getting through life with a newborn!

What is CrossFit?

At its most basic definition, CrossFit is a workout. When you walk into the gym, you know that there will be a workout designed to tax you both physically and mentally. However, as it turns out, CrossFit is so much more than just a workout. CrossFit, and especially CFCC, is a place to change your perception of your limits, all while being cheered on by the coach and other members in your class! This camaraderie aspect is difficult to articulate, and yet is likely what sets CFCC apart from any other “gym experience” you may have. I can guarantee you that CrossFit will make you stronger, faster, and fitter than any other type of exercise. But what CrossFit also provides is a self-esteem, confidence, and pride in oneself that can be so elusive to so many of us.

Most memorable CrossFit moment:

Getting my first pullup is definitely my most memorable moment. Continuing to do strict, deadhang pullups through my 37th week of pregnancy is a close second, and FINALLY pulling a 200 pound deadlift would be third.

Goals for my own training:

• Focus on building strength and increasing all of my lifts – double body weight deadlift, back
squat 180, body weight clean and jerk

Hobbies outside of training:

I am a veterinarian, which isn’t really a hobby but more of a regular “day job!” I don’t really have time for any other hobbies besides CrossFit, especially now that I have a 1.5 year old son who keeps me on my toes!

Rach, doing a very different KIND of weighted pull-up.


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