Meghan Ramos

Meghan Ramos. Director of Marketing and Communications (and ALL the things). Nutritional Consultant.

Meghan Ramos is a big part of the fact that CFCC exists today. She was the first person to tell me (Erin) that a small room in the back of 12th Street Gym was up for rent and that if I wanted to expand my small CrossFit groupie contingency into a gym, it could be done. She was the second signed up member (someone else emailed RIGHT before her!) and has been a consistent friend to CFCC since the very first beads of sweat were shed.

Not only is she an inspiring part of CFCC history, she’s also currently a steady accountability partner, a joy to have in class, and a champion for strong women everywhere. Her creative approach to problem-solving, cooking, and lifting all of the things is the reason she’s at CrossFit Center City in her current capacity. We hope that you’ll get the chance to get to know and train with the legend that is MEGARAMOS!

Hear about Meghan from Meghan:

I’ve been a part of the Crossfit Center City family since it began in 2009. When I did my very first CFCC WOD, I thought I’d be happy forever being a step-aerobics-teaching-marathon-attempting-on-and-off-vegan (!). Little did I know that everything was about to change.

I lost my father unexpectedly to a serious health issue in 2008. I want to be here until I’m 112 (and lifting heavy shit until the very end). The past four years have been a whirlwind of research, experimentation and enlightenment. I’m passionate about the idea of “food as medicine,” that is, that a diet based on simply Eating Real Food can heal many an individual ill, from diabetes to acne to psoriasis to arthritis. I am a firm believer that everyone should be as strong as they possibly can. I have a healthy (and usually snarky) skepticism of Conventional Wisdom and anything Tracy Anderson says.

Over the past few months, I’ve been shifting my focus from Crossfit to power lifting to olympic lifting and it’ll probably be awhile before I settle into any one thing (if I ever do). But I’ll forever be grateful that Crossfit and Oly completely changed my relationship with heavy weights, food and with my own body image. Today, I can celebrate what my body is able to do with the tools I give it, and I consider that in itself a rousing success.

Most memorable CrossFit moment:

Watching Erin crush a few workouts at the 2010 Crossfit Regionals…doing my first workout with strict pushups (no knees!)…..of course, my first pullup….and DEADLIFTING 300 POUNDS.


I’m always on a quest to kick the sugar demon for good. To compete at 69kg and walk around comfortably pretty close to that weight. 60 kg snatch and 80 kg C&J. And I’m still chasing that sub 8:00 2K row! And multiple strict pullups! And a 300 pound back squat and 400 pound deadlift. Eeesh!

Hobbies outside of training:

Kitchen experiments, traveling, checking out cool restaurants, eating bacon and homemade caramel, reading and begrudgingly remodeling my house.

This is a picture of Meg at work. No, really.


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