Jim Rutter

Jim Rutter. Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

Jim comes to us from over a decade of competing in Olympic weightlifting at the national and international level. He has qualified for and lifted in the American Open, US Senior Nationals, the Arnold Classic, and the 2008 World Masters Championships in Kefalonia, Greece, where he placed third. During 2005, Jim competed for a Czech weightlifting team, where he trained under former Czech Republic Men’s National coach Karel Duspiva.

His “night job” consists of covering dance and theatre in Philadelphia, with his work appearing in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Broad Street Review, Main Line Times, and other publications. London publishers Thames & Hudson will release his revised and updated edition of Ballet and Modern Dance in 2012.

Having Jim around CrossFit Center City has meant the world to many of our coaches and athletes.  He has absolutely changed their mental drive in the Olympic Lifts (whether for one rep or for thirty) into something far more aggressive than occasional one-rep maxes and metcons could ever create.  We credit him for the existence of Liberty Barbell Club, a budding Olympic Lifting Team that finds it’s home at CFCC, a center of Olympic Lifting in Center City, Philadelphia.

In addition to all this, Jim can walk really far on his hands – so that DEFINITELY makes him a CrossFitter. 🙂

We’ve been saying for a long that we need to make t-shirt in honor of Jim that simply states “Only believe what I have to say about Olympic Lifting…” and I have to say, it’s pretty true.  If you are explicitly interested in the Olympic Lifting segment of CrossFit or just Olympic Weightlifting as its own competitive sport – knowing this man is for you!

Hear about Jim from Jim:

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit does what the name suggests; it trains and exposes athletes to a wide variety of movements and training modalities. Members develop strength, explosiveness, power, strength-endurance and aerobic capacity through Olympic lifting, gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, running, plyometrics, kettlebells and other barbell lifts. (Please don’t ask me if I do met-cons.)

To me, the community spirit and supportive atmosphere distinguishes Crossfit Center City from any other gym or club in which I’ve trained. All of the members provide encouragement and a welcoming attitude for every other member. People make friends here that they will keep for life.

Most memorable CFCC moment?

Training my first group of Oly lifters for a competition in York, PA and seeing them all exude confidence, hit solid numbers, and take home medals. Watching Erin “Clutch” Davidson PR in the snatch without knowing the weight on the bar. Coaching Sammy to a National Championship qualifying total. Hearing another coach say to me, “you have a really great rapport with your athletes, I can see that they trust you.”

Goals for your own training?

315lb snatch, 420lb clean and jerk, 500lb front squat. After I hit those numbers, I’d like to retire from weightlifting and study classical ballet and/or fencing.

Hobbies outside of training?
Reading, writing, traveling, bare-knuckle boxing.


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