Greg Privitera

Greg Privitera. Co-founder, CrossFit Coach

Greg comes to CrossFit Center City from a long history of power-lifting and athletic coaching which has dramatically peaked his interest in the vertical jump abilities of pretty much all living things. He found CrossFit through doing things that were a lot like CrossFit to begin with. Greg has, in the past, been responsible for the Nutrition portion of our Programming and also the Programming itself. Having years of experience in working with his own sports-related injuries and those of others, he is an amply qualified source of knowledge and insight into how to train to fix yourself.

He, like many of the questionably sane men in our gym, has been known to place bets on Eagles games which have then led to him doing workouts that hurt really badly, including “Kalsu”, arguably one of the worst CrossFit workouts ever created. He has been featured doing really weird things on the mainpage (wmv, mov) and he has also been known to make the entire gym do some pretty crazy things. Though he does not currently coach classes at CFCC he is a permanent fixture on our record boards for being one of the few men in the gym who can be found standing over a 550lb. barbell about to be deadlifted. He is strong as hell but really hates double-unders.

Besides being a great athlete himself, Greg is also an incredibly perceptive Coach who is responsible for much of the perspicacity (or go here) of our Coaches. He holds those he coaches and those he teaches to coach to a high standard and this is very evident in any class you are ever able to take with him. As he is not currently coaching, if you do see him you are free to ask him for input on your movements or anything else CrossFit-related. You can also, as it happens, ask him where to get the best burger in Center City Philadelphia – he will definitely know and he will definitely be right.

Greg has been and, through his previous influence, will continue to be a source of inspiration and education for our Coaches and in turn for our members. He has been a pivotal part of the creation of the great space in Philadelphia that is CrossFit Center City.

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