Chris Gerald

Chris Gerald. CrossFit Coach.

Chris came to CFCC from a long history of athleticism (FOOTBALL!) and a number of months spent CrossFitting at a gym outside of Center City. We originally took him on as a member during the period of the CrossFit Games Sectionals in 2011, and soon found that his skills as an athlete were well-balanced and also well, really really fast.  We also found out that he LOVED talking about CrossFit!

Since then, Chris has honed his abilities as a Coach under the watchful eye of his fellow CFCC Coaching Team, he’s competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and placed favorably in many area CrossFit competitions.  He is particularly passionate about working with CFCC members who are still active in their respective sports.

He loves explaining difficult concepts to new members, has negative interactions while demonstrating how to use gymnastics bands, and is also really good at doing every conditioning workout with such intensity that we can’t understand a word he says right afterwards.  In all seriousness, Chris’s diligent work ethic, his humble spirit, and the general positivity that he brings to every session he coaches at CFCC makes him an amazing athlete and a pretty fantastic Coach too.

Here’s a little more about Chris:

Where are you originally from?

-Somers Point, NJ

Describe one defining experience in your life:

– Finding out my father was diagnosed with cancer was a pretty gut-wrenching experience for my family and I. Despite being informed of this misfortune, we decided to embrace it and to take it on as a catalyst to change our lives as a whole. We dedicated ourselves to live more consciously and began to workout more, eat better, and to greater appreciate the time we spend together. I am happy to say my father is currently in remission and we are healthier and happier as a whole than ever.

What is CrossFit?

– CrossFit is a medium between body, mind, and soul that provides purpose and the pursuit to live every day as best as you can.

How did you first find out about CrossFit?

– I first found out about CrossFit when I dropped into a friend’s gym down in South Jersey.

What’s your favorite workout?

– To be determined. I can tell you which ones I don’t like.

If you had to pick one thing what would you be better at if you could?

– Patience

What do you think makes CrossFit different than just your typical gym?

– I think the biggest difference between CrossFit and a typical gym is the community-based approach within CrossFit. We bleed, sweat, and cry together, but we also share our lives and passions outside of CrossFit. Family and friends are very important to me, and this is what I thrive on.

What are some specific goals you have for your own training?

– Continue to progress in my strength and conditioning: Squat 350, Deadlift 400, 4min. Fran, Turkish Get-up 135, Run a 18min 5K, Run a 1hr and 30min ½ Marathon
– Compete in as many CrossFit competitions as I can.
– Qualify for CrossFit Regionals
– Further my education and certifications within CrossFit
– Complete a triathlon

What are some hobbies you have outside of training?

– Staying active in all sports and life: surfing, snowboarding, football, rock climbing etc.
– Spending time with family and friends
– Enjoying good food and drink
– Always continuing to learn

What are you relevant Certifications and Experiences?

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification

– 4yrs of College Football at Franklin & Marshall College

CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification

CrossFit Football Certification

Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli

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