Abbey Sangmeister

Abbey Sangmeister. Nutritional Consultant.

Abbey comes to CrossFit after being away from athletics for quite some time and putting on some significant weight as a result – she’s okay with admitting and talking about it. In her past life, Abbey competed in Half Ironmans and Half Marathons in addition to being a competitive swimmer from ages 6 through 20. She was immediately drawn to CrossFit as a place where she could challenge herself both physically and mentally.

With a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and continuing education through the Post Deployment Center and Widener University, Abbey brings clinical experience to her coaching. She has worked as a life coach within the adult population for over five years helping clients with a variety of challenges and is also the lead clinician practicing child and family therapy for a non-profit mental health agency in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Abbey has helped clients identify patterns and rewire their cognitions so they can overcome trauma, build relationships, and successfully make career and life transitions.

Abbey also holds seminars on topics such as goal setting, de-stressing techniques and nutrition. She helps athletes and CrossFit members explore how the mind affects both their performance and reaching their goals outside of the box. Through her personal, educational and professional experience, Abbey feels this body/mind connection includes one’s relationship with nutrition. She has studied with other nutritionists and attended webinars to gain insight into varying perspectives and techniques. Abbey looks at food as a way to fuel the body to enhance performance and overall wellness.

At CFCC, Abbey has been a winner of the Body Composition Change Challenge. In the Fall of 2011, she successfully completed one of an Olympic Lifting Cycle at CFCC; training the Olympic Lifts fulltime. Abbey is on CFCC’s advanced team in which she trains at least 16 hours a week incorporating the Hybrid and Advanced Oly program, Advanced Workouts, regular classes, swimming, Yoga/Croga, and Endurance Class. Abbey can be found outside of the box; running and hiking with her dog, Sadie, at the beach doing a WOD or ocean swimming, or creating new and healthy recipes in the kitchen. In July 2012, Abbey competed in her first team competition, Summer Slam, in which her team placed 8th after finishing up the day WODding in a thunderstorm.

Abbey is dedicated to helping others incorporate and find a balance in nutrition, exercise, relationships and mental health in today’s busy world. 

Abbey’s Relevant Certifications: MS, MHC, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Goals Coach


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