Monday, 9/3/12

2 Sep

Classes are cancelled for the holiday today (the Advanced Oly class is still on but full from 10-12pm).  Enjoy the extra rest OR if you really need to burn some Labor Day energy off… check out CFCC’s Travel WOD section.

If you have some time over the weekend, here are the many many Board Scores that we weren’t able to post in the last few weeks.  Thanks for your patience!

See all the boards after the jump…

8/22/12, Conventional Deadlift and Broad Jump

Death By Thrusters, Front Squat Peak of 1, 8/17/12

Deadlift, Peak of 2 and Deadlift/Burpee WOD – 8/15/12

Pronated Grip Pull-up of 2, 8/14/12

Front Squat, Peak of 1 – 8/10/12

Deadlift, Peak of 3 – 8/8/12

Back Squat, peak of 1 – 8/6/12

Karen – 8/3/12

Deadlift, peak of 5 – 8/1/12

Gymnastics – 8/1/12

The 5 Headed Hydra on Front Squat with Jim day – 8/19/12

Filthy Fifties – 8/25/12

Press, Peak of 1 and Jeremy – 8/23/12

Pronated Grip Pull-up 1, 8/21/12

Back Squat, Peak of 1, 8/20/12

Press, Peak of 3, Windschatten, 8/16/12

Back Squat, peak of 3, 8/13/12

Nicole, 8/12/12

Press, Peak of 1 – 8/9/12

Morning Deadlift/Broad Jump, 8/29/12

Evening Classes – Deadlift and Broad Jump, 8/29/12


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