Friday, 8/24/12

23 Aug

Please remember – the ONLY classes today (due to Summer Camp) are the 6a, 7a, and 8a.  Go to bed early and get in here!  For those of you that are bummed about this – don’t be… a CRAZY workout worth resting for is TOMORROW’S Workout of the Day.  Sign up for the Saturday, 11am session – it’s going to be a fun time!

For those of you who were sad about not being able to peak your Front Squat this week due to the absence of so many of our Coaches this Friday… sign up for Sunday’s general session (at 11am) – the programming will be simply finding a peak of 1 for the FRONT SQUAT… you will also be permitted to hang around after this session for a little while and double under, practice pull-ups or row (no weight-bearing movements allowed). We hope this helps!

Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you–the shift in daily habits that would mean a re-invention of how you see yourself.

Lucy set up in the rack position for the Front Squat during a metcon.

SMR: Lax Ball Feet, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Anterior Hip and VMO (Inner Quad), 3 minutes.  Glutes, 3 minutes.

MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side.


STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to a peak of 1.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Fran” 21-15-9 reps of: Thrusters (95/65), Pull-ups

Previous “Fran” times.


2 Responses to “Friday, 8/24/12”

  1. jpap August 23, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Closing a powerlifting cycle with Fran is a nice touch.

    Now, if we can only hear something hard and heavy — that would be icing on the cake. Not that I’m offering suggestions, but Metallica’s Motorbreath would be a good candidate.

    • crossfitcentercity August 23, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

      Haha we’ll see if Sammy wants to play some Metallica!

      Sent from my iPhone

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