A new Elements option at CFCC!

7 Aug

For those of you that follow us from afar, and for current members looking to coddle their busy friends into giving CrossFit a try – a new option is available that we HOPE will work very well with your schedules!

Coach Jim watches Nina set up for a clean.

Hello all,

As the waiting list for Elements gets longer and longer, we’ve been trying to brainstorm some ideas as to how to get more people started at CFCC sooner, while still ensuring the proper individual attention for each new athlete. So far, this is what we’ve come up with:
On August 13th, and again on August 20th, we are going to run a week-long “intensive” Elements course. All of the necessary skills will be covered and reviewed, but at a bit of a faster rate. This course is intended for all of you who emailed and said ‘I played soccer in high school’ or ‘I played college football’ or ‘I run every day’. It’s designed for people who are still regularly exercising, who have some athletic experience, or who have already done a bit of CrossFit. Basically, if you know you’re generally competent but just need to find out what exactly CrossFit is, or if you’ve done CrossFit but need some review – this is for you. If you already know you want to start a membership and just need to get the basic Elements curriculum out of the way, sign up for this.
The cost is still $75 and the coach:athlete ratio is still 6:1. However, there will now only be four individual classes in the course. The schedule will be the same for both weeks – we will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 8:30p, and Saturday at 9a. The Saturday class will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A session for anyone who has some lingering questions about CrossFit in general, CrossFit Center City specifically, what post-Elements training should look like, or anything else you can think of. There will be 18 spots per course, and 3 coaches at every class. Again, there will be one course the week of August 13th, and another course beginning the week of August 20th.
Come September, we will return to our normal Elements scheduling. We may or may not keep this option depending on how this run goes. If reading this email just made you a little nervous because you’re not sure if you’re ready to jump in with 2 feet like this, we suggest you wait until September when our regular Elements courses resume. If you’re not sure where you’d fit best, email me and we’ll figure it out together.
If you’d like to sign up, the schedule is now available here for online reservation and registration. You will see tabs along the top of the page – click on the second one, titled ‘Elements’. This will show you both weeks. Simply go to the end of your preferred week and click ‘Sign Up Now,’ then input your information under ‘New to Our Site’ and follow the prompts from there.

Please note that the four classes of the Intensive Course are absolutely necessary for your entry into CrossFit Center City’s regular schedule of classes. You must attend every class and there will be no make-ups. If you miss any of the classes, you will have to repeat the entire series in September. If you know that you can’t make all four classes, or if you suspect that you have some commitment issues and might miss a class or two, just wait for our regular Elements courses in September where we allow make-ups – don’t waste your $75.

Registration is required. We will not accept participants who have not registered for a course at least 12 hours in advance. Please be advised that Elements courses fill up very quickly and it is best to register as soon as possible. You may cancel your registration without penalty up to 48 hours before your first scheduled class.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this process, and thanks again for your interest in CFCC!


CFCC’s Membership Coordinator and lover of all things Wonder Woman


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