And now… the before and after pictures of the winners of the CFCC BCCC!

31 Jul

It’s no secret to anyone who’s hung around this spot longer than a week or so that we’re a crew that loves delicious food (perhaps because we live smack in the middle of approximately eight million amazing burger, brunch and boozin’ spots). Yes, we enjoy the Good Things in Life, but we’re also committed to training hard and training well – and one of the most important lessons we try to teach is that no matter how hard you try, you can’t out-train a less-than-nutritious diet.

What constitutes “good fuel” is different for each of us, and we’ve definitely learned that at some point, you need to shift your focus to setting a goal – be it leaning out, muscling-up, pulling 300 pounds or simply getting your chronic acid reflux under control –  and committing yourself 100% to doing whatever it takes to achieving that goal.

Back in May and June, almost seventy (!) of you decided it was time to tell your inner two year old to shut it, set some short-term goals, and COMMIT to six weeks of solid   nutrition. There were no overarching “rules” (and there never will be – we’re all different, after all). All we asked was that each participant did what they said they were going to do for the duration of the Challenge.

At long last, we’re thrilled to finally highlight some amazing folks from June’s Body Composition Change Challenge (all details about the Challenge are HERE).

Just in case you missed it – these winners were posted a while ago.  That said, the full details of their experiences have not yet been revealed – until today!  Take a  look at the BEFORE AND AFTERS!


1st Place:  SM 

I do feel like the pictures say everything in the case of the BCCC, but just in case – Shana lost almost 8 lbs. in bodyweight, 2 WHOLE INCHES at her waist, just under 2 WHOLE INCHES at the hip, half an inch through her upper back, a whole inch through her arms when they are at rest – which you can see the effect of when you ask her to show you her guns sometime (DO IT, I DARE YOU), and almost an entire inch at the widest part of her lower leg.  Also?  She’s a vegetarian.  Boom.

My absolute FAVORITE thing about Shana’s progress in this BCCC is that she is a LONG time (like – you could ALMOST get NO LONGER) member of CFCC.  Throughout her time here so many things about her as an athlete have changed – but her ability to tell it to you like it is… (no matter what she’s telling you) remains the same. She actually started off one our FIRST meetings by saying, “I’m doing this because sometimes, I just eat like a jerk.” It really can’t be better said than that.  So many of us know what we’re doing when we strategically plan to just so slyly go by the spot that happens to hold our favorite icecream/soda/pizza/etc. – and we have all had the moment where we must learn to associate every action with a RE-ACTION.  Shana both DESERVES and has CREATED the progress you can visibly see her making every day in the gym – I couldn’t feel more privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.


What did you love about the BCCC?

I loved that I was actually able to make lasting changes.  I kind of approached the challenge as a time to experiment, dial in on nutrition specifics and try different things, most of which were a bit counter intuitive for me.  I did not at all expect to see actual changes.  I certainly did not expect to increase performance, do fran rx’d or win.

I also really like hearing other peoples struggles and successes…the sharing and caring during the bccc is intense

What did you not like so much about the BCCC?

I do not like that I gave up beer and that now I have realized it does in fact give me a belly ache.  I do not like that the challenge is over.

What is one thing that you learned that will stay with you during the BCCC?

Gluten is in fact not good.  Sugar is a drug.  Anything is possible. Erin does know most things….

What was your favorite meal during the BCCC?

I made a really yummy asparagus soup.  I learned coconut anything is good.  I am now a big fan of eggs and mustard greens.

If you had to give one piece of advice to those in the next challenge, what would it be?

You already know how it tastes.  Keep trying to make better decisions.  Give up the gluten and sugar.  Listen to your coach.

2nd Place: CD

This lovely participant lost 7lbs. according to the scale and, in TOTAL, almost 5 inches of unnecessary pull-up baggage off of the following places: 1 1/4” at the waist, 1 1/4” at the hip, 1 1/4” through the bust, a 1/2” at the arm while maintaining muscle-mass AND a half inch at the widest point of her lower leg. CRAZINESS! -e.

C not only made some major body composition changes but also had set some great personal records in her first few months at CFCC. Her deadlift went from 93 pounds to 155 pounds and her back squat from 73 pounds to 105 pounds (these numbers have since been steadily increasing!) Even while on vacation in Vegas, C planned out her meals and food. C shared with me that she loves CFCC (after trying out other boxes) and her confidence has grown while her gut issues have declined. C’s next goal is to get a bodyweight pull-up. If you see her in class, feel free to hold her accountable to making this CrossFit milestone happen! 


What did you love about the BCCC?

I loved the advice from Abbey and the practical solutions she gave me to any issues I was having.  The food logs and weekly meetings also really kept me accountable. It’s a lot harder to shovel in the junk when what you ate is staring you right in the face, and having to show someone else on top of that kept me away from the junk. The encouragement really helped, too, especially because I was convinced that I didn’t look different at all until I saw my before and after pictures!

What did you not like so much about the BCCC?

I didn’t really dislike anything about the BCCC, aside from skipping my occasional junky snacks, especially Fruity Pebbles.  (It’s gluten free, okay?!)  However, I’ve kept my cereal snacking to a minimum since the BCCC ended, so obviously skipping the cereal wasn’t too painful for me.

What is one thing that you learned that will stay with you during the BCCC?

I learned that bringing my gym clothes with me to work greatly increases the chance of me going to the gym.  Ridiculously simple but it got me to the gym at least 4-5 times a week!  Plus going straight to the gym from work took up less of my night since I could usually make it to an earlier class.

What was your favorite meal during the BCCC?

My favorite meal during the BCCC (aside from all the bacon and eggs!) was Whole Foods spicy Italian turkey sausage on top of wilted arugula with red peppers.

If you had to give one piece of advice to those in the next challenge, what would it be?

My one piece of advice would be to go all out for the BCCC by eating Paleo all of the time and getting to the gym as often as possible.  A month or so of eating super clean and working out a lot and then seeing the changes is a great motivator, especially as a newcomer.  It shows you what type of changes are possible with CrossFit with regards to your performance, appearance and overall physical and mental well-being. 

1st Place: MT 

Apologies for the blurry picture on the left –
I don’t think you need to see it in focus at all to see the difference though!

MT started the CFCC BCCC at about 188lbs.  He ended it at 179lbs. (AND he went on vacation smack dab in the middle of it!).  All told, he lost 2 1/4 inches at the navel, only a 1/4″ at the chest (trading muscle where there was maybe “not muscle” before) and managed to maintain the muscle mass of his arms while still leaning out!  He got stronger, performed better, and learned SO much in just 30 days!

What did you love about the BCCC?

I loved participating in the BCCC because before the competition I knew nothing about food. I learned so much from meeting with Erin at the weekly meetings and I made positive changes every week.

What did you not like so much about the BCCC?

The one thing I didn’t like about it was the first week. It was really tough for me not to eat candy and drink monsters everyday. I was averaging 2-3 monster drinks per day and when I started the BCCC I went cold turkey on day 1 of the challenge. After the first week I noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels with zero coffee, soda or energy drinks.

What is one thing that you learned that will stay with you during the BCCC?

There is a lot that will stay with me from the BCCC but if I had to pick one thing it would be breakfast. My breakfast used to be an everything bagel with 2 packets of cream cheese and a monster or amp energy drink. I would always crash late morning around 10:30 and drink another energy drink to get me to the 2:30 crash where I would top it off with the 3rd one of the day. When I learned how the body reacts to carbs and proteins when they are digsted it all made sense. I changed up my breakfast and there was a HUGE difference. I was hooked on the BCCC from that point. Another thing that will absolutely stay with me is SUNFLOWER Butter… IT IS AMAZING! Go get some ASAP!

What was your favorite meal during the BCCC?

The breakfast muffins made life really easy in the morning and they tasted great. All you need is a muffin pan, a pound of cooked ground turkey, a dozen eggs, and spinach. Mix everything in a bowl and pour them into the pan. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes and breakfast is done for the entire week. It is so easy. I didn’t get to crazy with the recipes in the challenge because I wanted to keep it simple.

If you had to give one piece of advice to those in the next challenge, what would it be?

The one piece of advice is to LISTEN to the advice from the coaches. Your diet makes a world of difference. I used to only go to crossfit once a week because I was so sore and recovery took so long. The challenge made me realize that it was my diet that was keeping me out of crossfit not the workouts. Once I changed the diet, my recovery time dropped and I was able to go to crossfit more and more.

Thanks guys for picking me! I was 209lbs when I started elements with Tim in Mid Feb and I finished the BCCC at 179lbs. The BCCC got me to where I wanted to be and during the challenge I was averaging a 2lb loss every 10 days. I would recommend this to anyone.

2nd Place: CC

Carson – training throughout the entirety of his time in the BCCC seemed to maintain and perhaps add muscle-mass over the course of just 30 days.  His actual SCALED weight loss is not enormous (about 3 lbs.) but the size of difference in Carson before the BCCC and after, is huge.  He lost a full 3 inches at the waist (measured at the navel for men), 1 1/2 inches through the chest (I’d say in order to reveal the muscular structure you now actually see on his back) – he lost no size at the bicep when flexed/unflexed (a good indicator of muscle mass preservation)!

At the beginning of the CFCCBCCC, Carson told me his diet consisted of protein shakes, candy bars, chips, sandwiches, juice, pizza, pasta and ice cream. That is to say, as a former collegiate athlete, he’d never once given a thought to the food he put in his mouth. When I sweetly suggested that he try to go 40 days without craft beer and at least cut back on his beloved ginger snap cookies and mango yogurt, he bravely said he was ready to go “balls out with this.” And thus began a beautiful friendship that consisted of him trying to convince me that a particular brand of, ahem, GRAHAM CRACKERS is “mad decent” and me reminding him that 40 days of eating a LOT of protein and drinking A LOT less beer was not going to kill him. But the Kid wanted his pullups. And dammit if 40 days of actually striving to eat crazy things like meat, vegetables, and fruit and working hard didn’t leave him a lot better at said pullups and, as I heard whispered around the gym, PRETTY lean and beastly looking. I’m thrilled, but not surprised, that he’s feeling (no more acid reflux!), looking (3 inches off his waist!), AND performing (we have achieved THE KIP!) better than ever before.  Carson, thanks for letting me nag you for 6 weeks and thanks for (almost always) listening to my suggestions and keeping me on my toes. I can’t wait to see where the next couple of months at CFCC will take you. 


What did you love about the BCCC?

Aside from many of the health benefits, which are more appropriately discussed in response to question #3, the thing I enjoyed most about the BCCC was the challenge.  Prior to participating in the BCCC I had never been required (or even asked myself) to change my everyday behaviors in any way.  The challenge of strictly changing my diet over time while coordinating it with an increased fitness schedule was difficult but enjoyable.  Regardless of any gains made (or lack thereof), the process of daily improvement, continued effort and sustained change offered many rewards and much to be happy with.
What did you not like so much about the BCCC?
Nearly everyday I profanely cursed some aspect of the BCCC.  Some diet exclusions hit more forcefully than others but two stood out above the others — beer (which I’m generally a little too cozy with) and food that crunches (didn’t see this texture problem coming, but it was a big one.  I felt like I was eating an adult form of gourmet baby food a little too often).
What is one thing that you learned that will stay with you during the BCCC?
As I said, I’ve never been asked or asked myself to change my behavior, including my diet. But the BCCC (eating the right things AND sometimes cheating and eating the wrong things) really helped me understand the value of a consistent and good diet.  As just one example, I’ve been a longtime pained and self-pitying acid-refluxer, who insists on eating the the things that cause the acid reflux.  So, disposing of many of the things that do the causing, I learned exaclty how much a changed diet can do the fixing.
Let me (Erin) interject here for just a moment and say that when CC talks like a pirate (or at least, the Disney kind) it makes me wish I could read all his emails.  He had, by FAR, the best virtual exchange of ALL CONTESTANTS to date.  
What was your favorite meal during the BCCC?
Well, I love making all sorts of slow cooked pulled pork, but that’s a bit too particular.  The most rewarding was discovering the infinite possibility of chicken and tuna salad.
If you had to give one piece of advice to those in the next challenge, what would it be?
Buy a slow cooker and become very comfortable making all forms of southern style pulled pork, beef brisket, and pulled chicken.  Get a good “slaw” recipe and you’re gold.
More than anything — ALWAYS have something in the slow cooker.

You can read more about the runners’ up to the winners in this blog post.

CONCLUSION? Join us on the CFCCBCCC Train to Awesome! Our next Challenge begins this September (details to come soon!) Looking for more information about what the heck we’re talking about? Head back to this post or stop by our next nutrition seminar on Saturday, September 8th. Mark your calendars!


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  1. Arrus August 1, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Awesome post and great job to everyone who participated! It makes me so proud to be part of a community where we drive each other to be holistically better.

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