Saturday, 7/28/12

28 Jul

25 CFCCers are off at CrossFit Generation today to compete in their first competition hosted as an affiliatethe Summer Slam! If you’d like to swing by and see these folks in action feel free to do this!  As this was CFGeneration’s first competition they requested a certain number of people for their teams and I chose out of the people who had previously contacted me about being interested in competitions like these – if you aren’t on my list and would like to be – please contact me directly at – needless to say, I’m PSYCHED for our 4 teams of 6 to test their training on the field.

The Weekend at CFCC – always full of surprises 🙂 Take this time BETWEEN cycles to recharge, create goals for the next cycle, and lay out a schedule that is FUN, AND CHALLENGING for YOU!

INTRO TO OLY, with Sammy – 9-1030am, with Jim 1030am-12pm

HYBRID OLY, with Jim – 12-2pm

ADVANCED OLY, with Jim – 2-4pm

On the benefits of Olympic Lifting.

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE (Running) with Liz at 9am: 3x1000m, rest 2:00m between, hold 3-5 secs

Five Ways CrossFit Can Make YOU a better runner.

FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 10am:

STRENGTH TRAINING for WOMEN – what to read if you’re all “but I don’t want to get BULKY???” 🙂

Also, take a gander through this post.

SMR: shoulders, 5 mins
Mobility: Band trap stretch 1 min/side
Dynamic Warm-up: 2 rounds: 10 cat camels, 10 bird dogs, 10 glute
bridges, 15 sec plank hold
Strength: Barbell press 5×5
Skill: Pose
Met-Con: run 400m, rest 1:30, run 400m.  Score is total time.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 11am:

SMR: lax ball/foam roll upper body, 5 minutes
MOBILITY: band assisted rack stretch, 1 minute each side; band overhead stretch, 1 minute each side
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: tabata superman rocks
SKILL #1: kipping pull-ups
SKILL #2: ring handstand/handstand push-up
4 rounds for max reps of:
1 minute of ring push-ups
1 minute of knees-to-elbows
1 minute of handstand hold (minus 5 reps for each break)
1 minute of rest
What can 3 whole years of consistent time at CFCC do?  Take a look at Angie’s progress!

WORKOUT OF THE DAY, with Liz, at 11am:

SMR: 5 mins as needed
Mobility: ankle mobs x 10/side, spiderman x 1min/side
Dynamic Warm-up: rowing drills, row 2 mins @ 75% effort
3 mins: row at damper 3-4, 80% effort. Note 500m split time
40 secs: max capacity
20 secs: active rest
30 secs: max capacity
30 secs: active rest
20 secs: max capacity
40 secs: active rest
1 min rest (or the time it takes for your partner to complete the
cycle): kick up damper to 6-7
repeat above cycle. Match the split time established in first cycle
1 min. rest: kick up damper to 10
repeat above cycle. Match the split time established in first cycle
1 mins. rest: damper to 1
repeat above cycle. Match the split time


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