Saturday, 7/14/12

13 Jul

INTRO TO OLY 9-1030am and 1030am-12pm.
HYBRID OLY 12-2pm.
WORKOUT OF THE DAY with Liz at 9am.
FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 10am.
ENDURANCE with Liz at 11am.

Watch the CrossFit Games all day today (SATURDAY) over here!

12 Health and Fitness Blogs you should be reading!

BK, mid broad jump in the middle of “Brenton” with a weighted vest. Joe Kim, prepping for his launch into the next broad jump.


SMR: 5 mins, as needed
Mobility: wall quad strech 1 mins/side
Dynamic warm up: rowing drills, then ro 4-5 mins at 75% effort
WOD: row 1000m as fast as possible. Rest 5:00 mins. Then, row 2x1000m at 75% of TT with 2:00 mins rest in between


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