Announcing… the MOST scores ever – OR, reason #342340 that you should ALREADY have a Workout Log

13 Jul

Looking for a workout log that you won’t lose, that you can follow your fellow CFCCers on, and that your Coaches will also give you occasional feedback on? Start one at the CrossFit Boards and look for all of the fabulous people below. If you have trouble starting one – just email me – but otherwise, it’s pretty basic after you click “register” – send me the link so I can follow your progress!

Dumbbell Press Triple

Thursday Hybrid and Double Unders

Wednesday Gymnastics and Foundations

Rings Dips and Pistols on Tuesday

Thursday Hybrid (last week)

The Chief

Sunday Funday

Christine on a Sunday

Sumo Deadlift Triples (then Sumo, Box Jump, Toes to Bar)

Single Leg Deadlifts and WallBall Turn Around Box Jumps

Gymnastics from this past Saturday

Saturday 500m Times and Foundations

Monday Hybrid

Monday Hybrid from THIS week

Monday Gymnastics

Monday Gymnastics (Seated Butt Kicks)

Monday Gymnastics from THIS week

Monday Front Squat and 1k Row

Iron Cross Saturday Gymnastics

Hybrid Oly – Snatch off the blocks, balance, and Back Squat

Hang Snatches last Thursday

Front Squats – PRs EVERYWHERE!

Front Squats and Tabata Wallball

Cindy on a Friday

Monday Foundations with Tim (from last Monday)

Monday Foundations with LUNGES

Foundations from the Monday BEFORE last.

Conditioning: Unbroken Kipping Pullups (Thursday)

Conditioning, Burpees in a minute – more stuff in the middle – BURPEES IN A MINUTE

Conditioning – 800M Runs

Conditioning – 2k Row

Conditioning, Stairs and Turkish Get Ups

7 Rounds: 7 Push Press 7 Burpees (7/7/7) – also, Single Arm Dumbbell Press Maxes (mid-cycle)


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