Rolling out a new schedule of CrossFit Endurance, starting next Monday!

10 Jul
Calling all runners!  Are you participating in a fall race?  5k? Half? Marathon?  Please let Liz know at  We are putting together of list of competitors so that we can all track our workouts and progress.  NOW is the time to start training for your fall races!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this part of CFCC…

What is CrossFit Endurance?

CrossFit Endurance (CFE) is first and foremost CROSSFIT.  CrossFit is primary for the athlete and the bulk of the programming for an endurance athlete will be CrossFit wods. As you all know, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity.  CrossFit is broad and challenges all domains of fitness.  CFE, working from the base of CrossFit, allows an athlete to focus on cardio respiratory endurance, or one’s ability to maintain a certain aerobic output for a desired period of time.

You all know what endurance is:  5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, triathlons, ultra-marathons, and so on. The common way to train for most endurance events is to train a lot.  Indeed, the gold standard for most marathon training is the 20 mile run two weeks before the marathon itself.  Endurance athletes program for time and miles, not results.

Sound familiar?  Sound like oh-too-many-sessions spinning away on the elliptical without a clue if you are improving or what improvement really is?

CrossFit Endurance is about quality not quantity.  REST from smart training makes you better, NOT more work!  CFE focuses on smart programming and performance.  You will not be doing more work poorly when you start CFE.  You will train smarter and be a better athlete for it.

CFE can be applied to lots of endurance sports, including running, rowing, swimming, and biking.  However, this is not just people who want to run marathons!  CrossFit Endurance benefits more than just the endurance athlete.  It also helps athletes who want to work on their running form or athletes who want to work on their met-con.

Theory to practice: how will your training be structured?

When training for an endurance event (like a fall race OR perhaps – the CROSSFIT GAMES???), continue to come to CFCC 4x/week for the regular, Oly, or gymnastics classes.  If your schedule permits, aim to attend a morning CFE class on Monday or Wednesday from 630-7am.  If your schedule does not permit this, feel free to speak with Liz directly about your interest in other modalities for training.  Clear your schedule for Saturday, and attend only the CFE class in the morning at 9am (being moved earlier to deal with the heat!) Stay in touch with us about how your feeling and you’ll see your best results YET in your own respective events!

ALSO, please note – in lieu of these new additions to the schedule – Tuesday and Thursday Conditioning will now take a backseat to more specified CrossFit Endurance programming. Conditioning may resurface again but for the first few months of the Fall we’d like to be more aggressive in our approach to strictly Conditioning oriented classes.


5 Responses to “Rolling out a new schedule of CrossFit Endurance, starting next Monday!”

  1. Running for Reachout July 12, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    Running 20 marathons this year, have my progress/results posted here looking forward to seeing more posts 🙂


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