Saturday, 6/23/12

22 Jun

what the gym looked like last year on the day of PROM.

PROM!  It’s today! Sign up under “Seminars”! Once a year, we get together to be ridiculous – in dressy clothing (or anything you think appropriate for being crowned PROM KING OR QUEEN), with music, and maybe pole dancing. In any case, that time of year has come again. There will be free booze, music CFCC chose, a raffle for a good cause, some game-like surprises, a professional photographer on hand and there could be more… but you all have to leave at 11pm… or Arrus will HOLLER. PROM is the PEAK of CFCC high society (aka – your one opportunity to be slightly tipsy and doing a pull-up for a picture in puffy sleeves).

  • if you want to drink something other than a half keg, a bunch of bottles of pretty good wine, and/or mixed drinks a la Art in the Age liquors (PALEO?!), bring whatever you want to drink!
  • if you are a talented paleo foodie/chef – bring whatever you’d like!  We won’t be providing much else to eat except for one tiny element that remains to be disclosed…
  • wear whatever you want!
  • Add your choices for music to our SPOTIFY PROM list (look forward to seeing one of these playlists for CFCC’s daily WOD as well. 🙂
  • this is the LAST WEEK that you can sign up for CAMP – Cassie will be at PROM, and if you have any questions about this, chat her up.  She’ll be the hot chick in a red dress who looks like she could deadlift a truck.

FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 10am
GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 11am
INTRO TO OLY with Sammy and Erin at 9-1030am, with Jim and Erin at 1030am-12pm.
HYBRID OLY with Jim from 12-2pm, Saturday is now a peak day EVERY WEEK for Hybrid Oly.  You will work up to peak Snatch and peak Clean and Jerk.  Think of this as a test for how your training is helping you – and make sure you sleep, fuel, and recovery otherwise appropriately for this day!
ADVANCED OLY with Jim from 2-4pm

If you’ve got a wingspan – you can give to the PROM RAFFLE! CHECK IT OUT: Tickets will be on sale during PROM and there are some pretty awesome GIVEAWAYS on the line – including one free month of CFCC!


The noon has been cancelled today to make room for some PROM prep.  It will stay on the schedule for the remainder of the summer.

SMR: as needed, 5 mins
Mobility: gastroc/soleus stretch, adductors mobs, wall quad stretch
Dynamic warm up: joint prep, leg swings pose drills:
Pose: basic, figure 4, run 30 steps
Fall: bunny hop, run 30 steps
Pull: dynamic lunges, run 30 steps


Run 1600 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees
Run 800 meters
100 Double-unders
35 Burpees
Run 400 meters
50 Double-unders
20 Burpees

Scales: cut everything in half, work with a partner, or work with a partner, or work with a team of 3 or more. Single unders may also be subbed

CAP: 30 mins


Conditioning from Thursday, “Shaney”

Thursday’s Workout of the Day – Snatch Skill Work, Swings, and Double Unders

Wednesday Gymnastics

Hybrid Oly on Thursday, Shankles, etc.


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