Friday, 6/22/12

21 Jun

Check out the schedule on MINDBODY – things are a little different due to PROM this weekend, but we’re still holding classes all over the place! PLEASE make sure with this HEAT that you are prepping for class by drinking water!  If you haven’t yet signed up for PROM, do it now! (under Seminars) – There will be drink, merriment, music that YOU like, a professional photographer on hand, and people dressed up not in Lululemon (WEIRD).

ALL sessions on SUNDAY (except for OLYMPIC LIFTING classes) will be held in Washington Square Park – in order to let the gym get VERY clean after PROM.

Reid, RIGHT in the middle of the biggest sit-up he can do mid-neutral-grip muscle-up. Did you know that your body is REMARKABLY easier to lift when you’re all balled up? 🙂

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Grab a friend’s traps and give them 1-minute of otherwise $80/hr. myofascial release. Then, grab a lacrosse ball and lax ball your shoulders wherever you are sore for 2 more minutes.  If you are still sweating… you may just wanna very coyly grab a lacrosse ball.
MOBILITY: Pec Roll with long arm out like a “T”, Pec Roll with long arm out like a “Y”, 1 minute in each position on each side. Wrist Stretches.
SKILL WORK: Spend time drilling the Neutral Grip Kipping Ring Muscle-up.
“McCluskey” (a hero WOD)
3 Rounds for time of:
9 Muscle-ups
15 Burpee Pull-ups
21 Pull-ups
Run 800m (the same run as used on this past Saturday, and Wednesday)

*There is an optional 20 minute cap on this workout.


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