Monday, 6/18/12

17 Jun

Summer Camp! aaaaaaand PROM is this coming Saturday – if you haven’t signed up – do it now!  It’s free and you are DEFINITELY going to regret missing this… seminar. 🙂

HYBRID OLYMPIC LIFTING with Jim at 7-9am and with Sammy at 530-730pm.
ADVANCED OLYMPIC LIFTING with Jim from 9-11am.
CROGA from 12-1245pm with Tim.
FOUNDATIONS from 630-730pm.
GYMNASTICS from 730-830pm.

Chrissey – sporting some nice elbows in the rack for the clean and then, into the jerk!

MOBILITY FOR THE POSITION: Partner Assisted T-Spine Extension.
ACTIVATION FOR THE POSITION: For 7 minutes, 1-3 Strict Close-Grip Pronated Grip Pull-ups on the minute every minute. Pick your load and feel free to scale up or scale down as you complete these 7 sets.
PRACTICING THE POSITION: 5 minutes of Skill Work with the Rolling Pistol.
STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to peak set of 1. Begin with 5 reps at about half of your tested max.
FOR QUALITY: 100 Hollow Rocks.


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