New Programming – for Peach Season?

16 Jun

There is no such thing as an un-fit Gymnast… and in light of the summer where many of our members are abroad and away, and many are simply looking to hone their bodyweight movements, we are taking some time (8 weeks to be exact) to focus a little more closely on some of the (admittedly) most intimidating pieces of CrossFit: the muscle-up, handstand walking, handstand push-ups, the pistol, the forward roll and the mobility that it takes to make these and other movements like these (SNATCH!)- more than doable, but GRACEFUL.

Besides getting #gymnasty we are also attempting to test a plane of motion most CrossFitters are very unfamiliar with: the transverse plane.  This means we’ve got a throwing clinic in the works, a lot of unilateral loading going on (holding an object in one hand, standing on one leg, pushing with only one arm, etc.) some weird deadlifts in place, and even a few other surprises thrown in along the way. The Founder of CrossFit once said, “We fail at the margins of our experience,” and we hope to keep pushing those margins in order to be MUCH better at what we do.

Right about now we are coming up on our 3rd week of the cycle and we hope that many of you have begun to get a feel for some of the movements and positions.  What we hope you will do most is learn to be ok with not doing it perfectly the first time – whether you are learning to Snatch, learning to “frog-stand”, or learning to water-ski, everything gets a lot easier when you know it’s ok to fail. 

So, go ahead! Get upside down! Get faster in the rock of the rolling pistol!  Get outta that false-grip on the muscle-up! Get aggressive with that second pull of the snatch!  This is a season of fun!

Here’s what the schedule looks like: 

*Note that on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays you will have 2 Coaches (Avener assisting!) present in your evening sessions.  On most Wednesdays you will have two Coaches for *almost* the entire day.  This is something we are adamantly working towards for ALL sessions and we are grateful for your patience with us while we attempt to bring our new Coaches up to speed and continue to pursue CFCC’s next FULL-TIME Coach!

SUNDAY: Tim Coaches ONE BIG SESSION and CROGA.  This is a fun day that we’ll try to have outside.  We like to think of this as “Active Recovery” – the workouts will get your breath going, but they won’t fatigue you for an entire week.  Additionally, we’ve added an Intro to Oly class here!

MONDAY: Every week, you’ll Front Squat up to peak set of 1 (track this peak set to see whether or not your weekends are helping you to recover or working against you) and work on some form of the pistol.  Because of the high intensity of the Strength portion of today, you will often find that the metcon is short, and sometimes heavy, sometimes light.

TUESDAY: Shoulder mobility and grip work experimentation at the beginning of class as prep for some kind of Handstanding Skill (Tripod Work, Kipping Handstand Push-up, Strict Handstand Push-up (FULL ROM!), Freestanding Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walking – you name it, it’s in there!).  This will be followed by some Dumbbell Pressing Work (not always, but in most cases, and then up to peak of 1 in the last week of the cycle) and again, because of the intensity of the Strength portion, a short and sometimes heavy, sometimes light metcon.

WEDNESDAY: A two-coach ALL DAY DAY!  Coach Chris and his Assistant Rachel will be leading you through some prolonged Mobility work (in light of the previous two days) but will also be working you through some common (and others, not so common) lifts that are deadlift-oriented. The metcon on this day will be a tad bit longer and usually not crazy loaded (we aim to feel that BREATHING is the challenge!)

THURSDAY: Mobility work with the Bridge starts the sessions off oh-so-simply and yet, oh-so-humblingly.  We hope to see this position get easier for many of you over the course of this cycle, but even if it doesn’t, we know staying there for a bit will help your Snatch.  You’ll be working on this first of the Olympic Lifts for a solid 20-25 minutes in these classes and then completing a metcon much in the same vein as Wednesday with the goal of leaving you feeling “ok” going into the weekend when we hope you’ll all come by CFCC and enjoy some quality weekend time!

FRIDAY: Neutral Grip Muscle-up Skill Work.  And, everyone’s favorite, a BENCHMARK workout every Friday (but – thank GOD – not “Fran” :))

SATURDAY: Programming by Liz, and that means, SURPRISES.  That said, she’s a running whiz and you can bet your inov-8s and minimi that she’ll be checkin’ out your POSE.

If you have injuries (old are new!) that are affecting your ability to execute this programming well your first step is to a) tell your Coach – immediately and ALL the time and b) email us with an account of your injury (remember: whether it’s acute or chronic – we want to know about it!)  We have an entire system for trying to get you well, keep you active, and keep your pain-free – but this whole thing FAILS if YOU FAIL to say anything at all!

Here’s to a fun 8 weeks!



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