Friday, 6/15/12

14 Jun

HYBRID OLYMPIC LIFTING: With Erin from 9-11am, with Jim from 330-530pm
ADVANCED OLYMPIC LIFTING: With Jim from 530-730pm

5 Reasons You Have TIGHT Hamstrings.

Please remember that due to our summer schedule there is no longer a 630pm on Friday nights – there’s still a 330pm, 430pm and 530pm!  

Johnny, Annie, and Morgan haul the tire sleds in yesterday’s metcons. 3 athletes, all different ages and backgrounds. It’s a beautiful thing!

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: 5 minutes as needed.
MOBILITY: German Hang, accumulate 1 minute hold (with feet off the ground if the stretch is not too extreme).
DYNAMIC WARM-UP / MOTOR CONTROL FOR THE MOVEMENT:The No-False-Grip Kipping Muscle-up – break down and work the skill. Pick a piece that you need to work on the most and try to improve upon it. Feel free to mentally review the steps from last week.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: There is no women’s weight for “Jackie” – scale as needed but the 45lb. bar is the same for both sexes.

Previous times we’ve done “Jackie”.


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