TUESDAY, 6/12/12

11 Jun

SIGN UP FOR SUMMER CAMP! OR to get a taste of Summer Camp – come out to LOVE Park at 630pm for a FLASH MOB workout featuring all your favorite CFCCers – the 530, 630, and 730pm REGULAR classes are cancelled in lieu of this.  Don’t miss it!  Your ratty old Facebook profile will thank you! 😉

CONDITIONING with Tim at 630am.
HYBRID OLY with Erin at 7-9am and with 530-730pm with Jim.
ADVANCED OLY with Jim from 9-11am and from 730-930pm.
INTRO to OLY with Jim from 1130am – 1pm.
CROGA with Tim at 630pm.



MOBILITY for POSITION: Varying grip hangs and pulls (try wide grip, close grip, supinated, pronated, inverted, etc. in as many variations as you can), for 5 minutes. If you can’t hang, prop your feet up on a box. If you can hang and need a little more, try pulling a bit in these positions (like the beginning of a pull-up).  Partner Assisted Bar Extension. Be gentle!  Make sure your hands are on your partner’s shoulder blades! As in this picture. Wrist Stretches, 1 minute.
POSTURE AND STABILITY: Hollow Rocks, 30 seconds. The Wall Assisted Handstand, hold for 30 seconds.
SKILL WORK: The Freestanding Handstand – in prep for the Handstand Walk which we are not learning today but will go over next week.
Step 1: Learn to face the wall in your handstand and roll out.
Step 2: Learn to kick up against the wall.
Step 3: Use a spot, or two, if you’re new to this to find and feel the position.

Use spots to find the position.

Step 4: Using your spot, feel the lean of the handstand walk.

Learn to feel the lean.

Step 5:

Practice free-standing – REMEMBER TO ROLL!

Step 6: Learn how to use a wall so you can practice the lean of the handstand walk.

Feel how you can practice the lean of the handstand walk with the wall.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 5 minutes: 7 Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 for rx’d), 7 V-Ups
RESETTING THE POSITION: Wall Assisted Straddle, 2 minutes.


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