Friday, 6/8/12

7 Jun

HYBRID7-9am with Erin, 330-530pm with Jim.

A Case Study in Fun. – “IF YOU AREN’T HAVING FUN, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!” (Thank you, Angie!)

Jan, in a beautiful one armed overhead squat.

THE MUSCLE-UP and a BENCHMARK will be featured every Friday for 8 weeks!

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: 5 minutes as needed.
Step 1: Band Assisted Pelvic Thrust (start with a glute bridge on the floor to get the right idea).
Step 2: GHD Sit-up – or, if you’d like, have a partner hold down your feet while you are leaning back while seated on a box, and sit up as fast as you can. Otherwise, use of the machine as a drill is fine.
Step 3: Review the Candlestick Roll paying special attention to speed.
Step 4: Complete the dip balance (band assist if necessary) – PULL the legs in.
Step 5: For those who have made it this far and think they may have the chance to follow through on a full muscle-up, practice the kipped pull to the midline on the rings, and the follow through into a muscle-up (a combination of all of the above). Others may choose one of the skills above to continue working on from this point for 10 minutes.

*American Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5), use Russian and go light if you are new to American Kettlebell Swings or the KBS in general.

*If no muscle – up, complete 10 Ring Rows.

*HSPU may be kipped but all kipped HSPU must be to an abmat with 2 45lb. plates on each side (I realize that this is a little harder than 35lbs.)  Otherwise, a strict band assisted and/or box assisted HSPU is recommended. For those without either – a hard, but PERFECT push-up is recommended.
RESETTING THE POSITION: 3 minutes with a Lax Ball on your hamstrings, 3 minutes with a Lax Ball on your shoulders.

In case you missed the below, it’s ok to fail – as long as you LEARN from it!

CROSSFIT FOR HOPE is TOMORROW (SATURDAY) and if you haven’t signed up yet – you can still come! Please just be at the gym at 8am on Saturday morning.  If you are around tomorrow night, we are also looking for some help in setting up for the event.  We can give you a ride – just check out this convo on our Facebook page for the details!


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