Tuesday, 6/5/12

4 Jun
SUMMER CAMP!  We need you to sign up right now.  For serious… we’re not sure why you’re holding off at this point – because SO. MANY. INCREDIBLE. things are going to be happening there – but only if we uhhhh have people to have them happen to – so stop dragging your feet – and SIGN UP NOW! Read more about camp here!

ELEMENTS: 12-1pm (Sammy), 530-630pm, 730-830pm (Tim)
CONDITIONING: 630-7am with Tim
HYBRID: 7-9am (Erin), 530-730pm (Jim)
ADVANCED OLY: 9-11am (Jim), 730-930pm
CROGA: 630-730pm (Tim)

Angela helps Ian balance into the bottom of the rear-leg elevated split squat. Should you be able to do this on your own? Yes. Do we ALL have to start there? ABSOLUTELY not. We all need to remember that giving help and ACCEPTING help is a big part of not just being a better athlete, but being a better person (TM! ;)) – keep it up, CFCC. Your goodness is contagious!

MOBILITY for POSITION: Varying grip hangs and pulls (try wide grip, close grip, supinated, pronated, inverted, etc. in as many variations as you can), for 5 minutes. If you can’t hang, prop your feet up on a box. If you can hang and need a little more, try pulling a bit in these positions (like the beginning of a pull-up).
POSITION: Tripod Work. Try take one leg off one side, one off the other. Now try lifting both. Now try moving your right leg to your left elbow (like a breakdancing twist). If all of this is excellent, try moving from a Tripod into a Freestanding Handstand. 10 minutes to play.
SKILL WORK: Scaling the full Range of Motion Handstand Push-up – No PARTIAL ROM allowed!
Step 1: Perfect the Push-up
Step 2: Try the Banded (around waist) Piked HSPU with Yoga Blocks for more ROM (Range of Motion)
Step 3: Try the Piked HSPU without Bands
Step 4: Try the full ROM negative (to an abmat – use the parallettes!)
Step 5: Try a full ROM Handstand Push-up
10 minutes to find what works best for you.
STRENGTH: Single Arm Dumbbell Press, with a special emphasis on shoulder positioning (the shoulders should be back and down as you BEGIN the press). Work up to a peak of 3 on each arm (begin with your weak arm).
For QUALITY (NOT FOR TIME!): 5 Rounds of: 6 full ROM Handstand Push-ups, 6 Diamond Hand Push-ups, 6 Close-Grip Pronated Grip Pull-ups
RESETTING THE POSITION: Band Pec Stretch, 1 minute each side. Lax Ball Shoulders as needed.


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