The winners of the CFCC BCCC Recipe Challenge.

3 Jun


Thank you ALL so much for your submissions. It was actually SO hard to pick a BAD recipe – so many of you had practical food that looked like it tasted great and was WELL presented. That said, we only have so many seats at the table!

For worst recipe:

1. Adam Zell – he basically accidentally cooked a spoon.

2. Giugiu Bee – three things were involved: kimchi, eggs, and shrimp. Oh boy.

3. Chrissy Dee – can of tuna and frank’s red hot. Say no more.

For best recipe:

1. Hands down… Kevin and Lauren with some AMAZING scallops and salad – great ingredients, still simple, and great presentation.

2. Amanda Strouse – for her Breakfast Salad – creative, tasty, and easy to make – the recipe writing was actually very entertaining as well. šŸ™‚

3. Tina Marie – for a simple but beautiful staple, carrot puree with ginger-infused coconut oil.

Now to schedule and film the BEST DINNER EVER!


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