Saturday, 6/2/12

1 Jun

Many of the Coaches are away for a Gymnastics Seminar in Manayunk today – please excuse the slightly truncated schedule while we learn how to make you better gymnasts!

SAVE SUMMER CAMPsign up now!

There will be a spot on the board for CFCCers to carpool – but make sure if you plan to attend the CrossFit for Hope eventyou sign up here! (it’s free, and it’s basically you getting the chance to do a fun workout with a bunch of other CrossFitters for a great cause).

INTRO TO OLY – OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS but limited to 6 people per class –
9-1030am, 1030am-12pm, 12pm-130pm with Jim
Workout of the Day Session with Liz at 9am and 12pm
FOUNDATIONS with Liz at 10am
ENDURANCE (RUNNING) with Liz: Time Trial: 1 mile
GYMNASTICS is cancelled today.
ADVANCED OLY from 2-4pm with Jim

SIGN UP FOR PROM. – seriously, it’ll engulf any and every plan you might otherwise have had in bombastic radness.


WORKOUT OF THE DAY: Programming by Liz!

SMR: high hamstringsx 5 mins
Mobility: ankle, hip, and arm rolls 10/side; plank progressions, 10 total
Dynamic Warm up: Pose drills: 1) Pose: 20 figure 4/side 2) Fall: partner assisted gravity play 3) Pull: partner resisted figure 4 10/side
Wod: row 2k, then run 800m.  Score is 800m time, starting and finishing in the gym, according to the gym’s clock.  800m is twice around the 400m loop

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