Olympic Lifting at CFCC: What is Liberty Barbell?

6 May



As many of you know, CFCC has recently officially released the name of our USAW (USA Weightlifting) Competitive Olympic Lifting Team.  Liberty Barbell Club is an outlet for all things Olympic Lifting at CFCC and will be used to grow athletes looking to invest specific time in Olympic Weightlifting as a competitive sport and/or as a part of their CrossFit pursuits (competitive or recreational).


Liberty Barbell Club is publicly formed and you can now tweet about them, like them, and also check out their webpage for up-to-date info on their progress, and all kinds of information on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.


Despite being out in the world, this next month of training at CFCC will be an experiment in scheduling, sound quelling, and coaching format.  If everything goes well, we’ll be able to make some more educated decisions about what the future of Liberty Barbell will look like. So, if you love Olympic Lifting and if you want to see just how far you can get in the sport – this is your opportunity!


There will be three veins of participation in Liberty Barbell that, as a member of CFCC you will have access to:




Open to members of the Advanced Class and those who have merited entry into the Competitive Class of Liberty Barbell.  If you are in the Hybrid level of Oly (see below), you must complete 20 Hybrid classes to make it to this level of training – if you would like to be in these classes.  Pending your completion of these classes we (the three Oly Coaches) will also review your performance and consider your placement in the program.


If you are in this level of the club, you do not necessarily HAVE to compete in all CrossFit or Olympic Lifting Competitions, but you must commit to competing in at least one every year.  The members of this level are serious about their sport (whether CrossFit or Oly Lifting) and are here to work hard and efficiently – while training is still fun, it is a time to focus and give your full attention to the task at hand.  Competition is not always necessarily the way to bring out the best in us, but is a true test of all the great elements of the sport: precision, courage, and the proof that comes with performance.


Coach Jim will teach all Advanced/Competitive Classes.




MONDAY: 9-11am, 730-930pm

TUESDAY: 9-11am, 730-930pm

THURSDAY: 9-11am, 730-930pm

FRIDAY: 530-730pm

SATURDAY: 1-3pm, 3-5pm

SUNDAY: 12-2pm, 2-4pm




The Hybrid Level of Oly is open to members who have taken 20 classes of Intro to Olympic Lifting (see below).  The purpose of this class is to Snatch, Clean and Jerk often, but also to examine the specific weaknesses of lifters and actively incorporate assistance lifts and movement patterns that reinforce the Olympic Lifts and the strength, speed, mobility, and stability that it takes to train them aggressively (as in Competitive Programming).


In addition to training Olympic Lifting, this class will also engage in explosive conditioning workouts that support CrossFit training methodologies and support the goal of becoming better at the Olympic Lifts.  The sum total of these conditioning workouts will be no more than 2-3 per week, and they will be optional. Shoulder stability and Hip Explosiveness can be reinforced through the incorporation of other movements and especially for athletes looking to alternate between CrossFit and Olympic Lifting, Hybrid programming can assist with maintaining a certain level of working ability in the slightly more aerobic threshold of CrossFit.


Coach Jim Rutter, Coach Samantha Wright, and Coach and CFCC Founder, Erin Davidson will coach these classes.




MONDAY: (Jim) 7-9am, (Sammy) 530-730pm

TUESDAY: (Erin) 7-9am, (Jim) 530-730pm

WEDNESDAY: (Erin) 9-11am

THURSDAY: (Sammy) 7-9am, (Sammy) 530-730pm

FRIDAY: (Erin) 9-11am




The Intro to Oly classes are capped at 8 people and are intended for members who are just starting out with the Olympic Lifts in our regular classes and would like some extra practice with them.  The lifts, and variations of the lifts are tailored to your individual learning needs and technique is rigidly practiced.  To make it to the Hybrid level of the Liberty Barbell Schedule, you must complete 20 classes of Intro to Oly.




WEDNESDAY: (Sammy) 530-7pm

SATURDAY: (Sammy and Erin) 9-1030am, (Jim and Erin) 1030am-12pm


How do I keep track of classes? 


Coaches sign off on a Workout Log that YOU keep.  You may leave this Workout Log at the Gym.


Do I need Oly Shoes or any other equipment to participate?


Oly Shoes, Belts, Knee Sleeves, and Wrist Wraps are great to have for yourself if you are Olympic Lifting at all – but they are not immediately necessary.  If you are in the Competitive/ADVANCED or Hybrid Classes procurement of these items is STRONGLY encouraged.


What do I do if I get injured in the Oly Programs?


The same thing you do if you get injured in any other place or class at CFCC, you email us with a record of your injury – and you IMMEDIATELY TELL YOUR COACH.  Please recognize that those are two separate things, and we need to hear both.


What does the Oly Program cost? 


The cost of the full-time Competitive Oly program is $200 – even if you have been a member of CFCC since it’s inception.  If this rate makes it impossible for you to attend and you are in earnest that you merit a scholarship, written requests of 100 words or less will be sincerely considered – but not necessarily given.


The cost of the Hybrid Program and the Intro classes is free with your CFCC Membership – so, for those of you who have been with us from the very beginning… you will see no change in your rates.


How long does the Oly Program last if I enter?


It lasts for as long as you would like it to, but we ask that you attend on a regular basis for at least 4 weeks at a time.


How many sessions a week should I train?


If you are in the Intro program, you should train as often as you can if you plan to advance to the Hybrid program.  If you are just looking for a little supplemental training experience, feel free to train only once a week.  The more you train, the better off you’ll be and you can definitely cap these sessions with other training sessions as they will always be tailored to your individual needs.


If you are in the Hybrid program, you will only see improvements if you are attending at least 3 to 4 sessions a week (with 4 being the more common amount needed).  You can definitely attend up to 5 per week.  Keep in mind, other metcons at CFCC will not be suited to your needs – only the Hybrid ones.  Of course, CROGA classes are always encouraged.  Remember, you need 20 of these sessions under your belt if you intend to attempt the Competitive Level.


If you are at the Advanced/Competitive Level, unless you are supplementing your CrossFit training with these classes, you should consider yourself a full-time Olympic Lifter.  If you are supplementing your training, speak with us specifically to pick times of the week where you will get the most out of this more focused training.  Advanced/Competitive Level athletes are STRONGLY encouraged to attend other events, Seminars, CROGA classes, etc. (included in their Liberty Barbell Club membership).


How do I know which level I’m in? 


For now, I’ll be listing certain people on a board at the gym as being either, Hybrid or Advanced/Competitive – if you are not on that list, you may assume that you are in Intro Class Territory.


Can you quickly test out of a level if you’re the best ever?


Maybe – but honestly, you had better be pretty friggin’ good.  Email if you have questions about this.


Who do I talk to if I have questions about this stuff?


Email erin@crossfitcc.com for more information.


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