Sunday, 4/29/12

28 Apr

A little note about the noise-level for the next few days… there was a fire in the apartments above us on the fourth floor on Saturday along with a water main break and SOMEWHERE in that mix, the entire sprinkler system around my office, our storage room, and the Yoga Dojo burst.  This happened at about 3am Saturday morning.  FUN TIMES.  All that said, we apologize for the appearance of the gym right now (including the shortage of towels for showers!) we’re working on it!  We have some HUGE dehumidifiers going right now and for next two days and things should be 100% dry by the Tuesday morning.  They make a LOT of noise but we’ll try to turn a bunch of while you all are training so you can hear us talk! As much as we can though we’ll be trying to keep them on when we’re not teaching a bunch of you.  Thanks for bearing with us!

9am, Gymnastics
10am, Session
11am, CROGA
12pm, Session
1pm, Gymnastics

– I just love this cow.  SO much.  The trip to Wyebrook Farm was a LOT of fun.  We will go sometime again in maybe about a month – but if you’d like to get there on your own, you can!  They are now open every weekend!  For more news about Wyebrook, like their Facebook Page!

More on the topic of “flexibility” – how much ROM (Range of Motion/Flexibility) do you really need?  I love this paragraph from Dr. Kelly Starrett of – check it out!

The pretty popular Yoga Seminar with Gina yesterday!


SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Hip Flexors, Feet, and Calves, 8 minutes.
MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side. Pigeon Pose, 1 minute each side. Spiderman Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Skill Work with the Turkish Get Up
STRENGTH: 15 minutes of work with the Turkish Get Up – work up to a max or simply practice the skill.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Karen” 150 Wallballs for time, MANDATORY 8 minute cap. (to preserve you for PEAK WEEK!)


A little update on Gymnastics equipment:  our super tall bar was supposed to be installed last week – apologies to those of you blessed with the gift of being able to do your wallballs more easily simply because you are reachier – I’m crossing my fingers that it will get put in this week.  Also, it seems like this will definitely be the week that rings and ropes get hung, so we’ll be back to those shenanigans soon enough.  Thank you for your patience.

GYMNASTICS at 9am and 1pm:

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: lax ball shoulders (front and back), 5 minutes
MOBILITY: band overhead stretch, 1 minute each side; band assisted pec stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 3 rounds of: 5 cat camels, 10 second false grip hang, 5 inverted grip push-ups, 10 arm swings
POSTURE & STABILITY: L-sit/Tuck-sit on parallettes, 1 minute
SKILL: muscle-up
5 jumping muscle-ups
7 burpee tuck-jumps
12 hollow rocks

One of my favorite ORIGINAL Crossfitters (we’re talking, been doing CF for over 10 years, she is 120lbs. and has clean and jerked 178lbs., snatched 140lbs., deadlifts 280lbs., and squats 260lbs.) in a slow-mo version of the muscle-up – she does such a GREAT job of keeping her hands really active throughout the course of the movement.  Beautiful stuff! (Thanks to Nat, of HookGrip for being at the Games and capturing this footage!)



MOVEMENT PREP: Coach’s Choice, 15 minutes.
For time: Row 2k, 50 One-legged squats (alternating), 30 Hang Cleans (225/135lbs.)


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