Wednesday, 4/18/12

17 Apr

Please remember there are no regular CrossFit sessions at 530pm, 630pm, and 730pm.  Liz’s Elements class and Endurance class is still on! (see programming below)

Assistance for the Deadlift. from T-Nation.

Feeling like this after EVERY meal lately?  The CFCC BCCC is for YOU!  The Nutrition Seminar is a BIG part of making the CFCC BCCC as good as it can be – sign up today to attend tonight from 6-730pm!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Glutes, 1 minute each side. Lax Ball Shoulders, 1 minute each side.
MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side. Band Assisted Hamstring Stretch, 1 minute each side. Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Double Under Practice, 3 minutes.
ACTIVATION: Broad Jump, six attempts at a peak of 1. Record your best attempt.
STRENGTH: Weighted Glute Bridge, work up to a peak of 5 reps with a few partners. 12 minutes.

Complete for time:

50 Double Unders

7 rounds of:

Deadlift (65% of your tested max), 5 reps.
L-Pull-ups, 5 reps.

50 Double Unders

*If no double unders, 200 singles may be used instead. If no L-pullups, a strict pull-up may be used.

ENDURANCE with Liz, at 530pm:

(rowing): TIME TRIAL: 8k <—-GAAAAAH!

Rowing warm-up from Olympic Gold Medalist, Erin Cafaro.


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