Friday, 4/13/12

12 Apr

Friday the 13th, the day our favorite Gym Manager, Emily Avener goes in for surgery for her collarbone (yes, the same collarbone she broke months ago in a car accident) – if you get a chance, show her some Facebook love, folks!

DON’T FORGET – a whole host of athletes is competing in the CrossFit South Philly Rumble on Sunday – come by and show your support of your fellow teammates!  All the info about the day of is here.  We HIGHLY recommend planning on joining Sammy in Rittenhouse Square Park at 9am on the dot to review rope climb techniques and then jogging over to South Philly’s location on 11th Street.  Even if you can’t make it in the morning, stroll on by at some point in the day to see one VERY big part of what CrossFit is all about (hint, hint – TEAMWORK).

FRIDAYS, BENCHING, TANK TOPS - it's beach muscle day, baby!

Lots of information on the bench press and previous times we’ve done “Lynne”, a CrossFit benchmark.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll Hips and Upper Back, 5 minutes.
MOBILITY: Band Overhead Stretch, 30 seconds each side. Band Pec Stretch, 30 seconds each side. “Band Around the Shoulder-Hand Behind the Back” Stretch, 30 seconds each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 3 rounds of: Wrist Stretching, 5 easy pull-ups, 5 rounds of push up circles.
ACTIVATION: Push-up Depth Drops, sets of 2, for 5 minutes.
STRENGTH: Bench Press, up to a peak of 5.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Special Death by Pullups” (45/20lbs weighted, strict, kipping)

*We will take “strict” to mean today that no part of the feet during any part of the pullup may pass behind the midline of the body.


Begin with one pull-up in the first minute (weighted), two pullups in the second minute (weighted), and three pull-ups in the third minute (weighted). If on the fourth minute you fail to get your fourth pull-up you must do a strict pullup to make up for it.  In the next minute (the 5th minute) you must complete 5 reps of a strict pullup to continue, in the 6th minute you will complete another 6 strict pull-ups, in the 7th minute let’s say that your 6th pull-up is proving impossible… you may kip the 6th and 7th rep and continue on to the 8th minute where you will complete 8 kipping pullups. In the 9th minute you will be asked to complete 9 kipping pullups. If in the 10th minute you fail to complete 10 kipping pullups before your minute is up (let’s say you do get through 4 kipping pullups) – you are done. Your score is 9 complete rounds, and 4 pullups.


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