New classes on the Schedule!

11 Apr

Hello, friends! We’ve added a number of classes to our schedule for the month of April and until June and I just thought you MIGHT want to know about them via something other than our online schedule.  This schedule is in effect as of tomorrow morning (Thursday)!

Please note that the only regular classes that have been added are Sunday at 10am and 12pm and will be taught by Tim.

CROGA with Tim (in the DOJO/Warm-up area):

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 630am-715am

Mondays and Wednesdays at 12pm-1245p, and 630p-715p

Sundays at 11am

Whether you’re looking to wake your hips up after a heavy day of squatting or PREP your hips for an evening of maxing the Snatch and then your mile time, CROGA is your answer to being able to do both of these things (ALL things???) effectively.  These classes will vary in form but you can expect about 30 minutes of Yoga, and 15 minutes of hardcore stay stretching.  If you have specific needs, just ask Timoteo!  He’s there to get you acquainted with the ways YOU can do just a little bit of work to get your body moving the way it was meant to!

CONDITIONING ONLY (in the “Back of the House”/Oly/Elements Area with Tim):

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 715am-8am

Feeling like a little burnt out?  Feeling like your strength is great but your general physical preparedness could be just a bit better? Attempting to format two-a-days that you can actually live through one or two times a week? This class is for you and open to all members of CFCC! It will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 715am and will include a dynamic warm-up, followed by a “metcon” that ranges in length (anywhere from 10-20 minutes). The workouts will not always be running and rowing but you will find that most of them include variants of these movements mixed with others.  The format of the workouts will be simple, easy to review, but not always easy to complete (you will still be breathing hard!).  Any weights used will be light. You’ll be done by 8am!

ADVANCED CLASS, location varied with Tim leading:

Tuesdays at 6pm, Sundays at 2pm

The class is for Advanced Class athletes ONLY and will be an attempt to (most of all anyway) prepare Record for the Regional Level of the CrossFit Games!  She needs you to be there, friends – make plans to try to hit this session as often as you can until May 5th!  For more on the purpose of Advanced Class and how YOU can join in read this post and email me directly at if you would like to be considered!

GYMNASTICS with Sammy: 

Tuesday and Thursday at 730pm

Sunday at 9am and 1pm

There is no more Gymnastics on Saturdays!  Gymnastics is a class devoted to the finer points of many of the movements that CrossFit typically borrows from the sport of Gymnastics.  There’s no end to the number of party tricks you may learn in this class and ALL are welcome.  Whether you’re still scared stiff at the idea of being upside down, want your first muscle-up, or seriously want to consider being able to do an iron-cross – this class CAN get you there and you WILL see changes in your performance elsewhere in CrossFit!  Skill work in this class is run in a more clinic-ey style and a conditioning workout which varies in length and intensity is included in just one hour – if you’d like highly individualized attention, please don’t forget that all of your Coaches always have Personal Training hours available.

COMING UP in 2 weeks…


We are still setting down some definite hours but we know these will be available:

Monday and Wednesday, 630pm.

The purpose of the Foundations class is two-fold: we wanted to provide a time, even if it was at a few points during the week, where a recently graduated Elements student and a recently vacationed long-time CFCC member could meet and train together.  In this class you can expect to be setting a foundation for many of the movements that are taught in Elements but also trained in our regular classes.  There will be an 8 person cap on this class and the format of the hour will be very like our regular classes: Mobility Work, Warm-up, Strength, and Metabolic Conditioning.  You can dependably find yourself either squatting or deadlifting in these classes for strength to reinforce patterns for two of the most important lifts in our arsenal of movements.  You can also find yourself completing metcons that are VERY simple in nature (no complicated movements, no crazy names to remember or re-learn but merely all of the movements which are included in our Elements class metcons – simply, reinforced)- and which will typically never run longer than 15 minutes.  This is the first time we’ve ever run a class of this kind and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to offer it.  This class will begin in two weeks time (Monday, 4/30/12).


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