New Space – now NEW Programming.

8 Apr

PROGRAMMING for the next four weeks, until the week of 5/7/12

We’ve had a bit of a disorganized cycle as we’ve been moving and busy trying to get used to the needs and assets we have in our current home. It’s time to get back to the good business of training with a plan!

In four weeks, a few things will be happening – a number of athletes will be competing in a nearby Olympic Lifting competition, and one of our very own will be competing at Regionals! In addition to all of this – we’ll be taking part in the CrossFit for Hope fundraiser taking place on June 9th (that’s really not that far away!) and the workout for this event will be Fight Gone Bad!

We are also running a Nutrition Seminar on Wednesday, the 18th and starting our next CFCC Body Composition Change Challenge (SWIMSUIT EDITION) on the Monday directly following that. May will be a big month of changes and because every challenge is 30 days, by the 30th day (May 23rd) – you’ll all be ready for a fun summer of feeling, performing, and looking your best!

Some other schedule changes are coming up as well:

– We’re adding weekly gymnastics classes back in! Sammy will be happy to walk you through all things gymnasty on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 730pm.

– Coach Liz will still be holding Rowing class on Wednesdays at 530pm but will also be starting Running class up again! Running will be held every week on Mondays at 530pm and Saturday  at 10am.  Although it’s not listed on the calendar Running is happening tomorrow at 530pm!  Here are a few introductory words from Liz:

Running starts again for the season!  We will meet downstairs in the mobility area at 5:30 to warm-up for about 5mins inside.  We will then continue our dynamix warm-up  by running to Washington Square park, stopping for running skill drills along the way. The running wod itself will take place in the park.  We will run or walk back to the gym together and be back by 6:30. 

– We are taking a break from accessory Olympic Lifting classes to allow the Olympic Lifting athletes competing on May 5th the opportunity to train adequately – if you would like to be considered for the chance to join in on their cycle you must email me at as soon as possible for details. As a start, you can’t join in on the cycle if you haven’t been attending Intro or Advanced Classes and you DEFINITELY can’t join if you don’t intend to compete on the 5th.  To make up for this deficit, we’re going to be throwing Olympic Lifts back in the mix of the regular programming!

– In two weeks (starting the week of April 23rd), we’ll be introducing a new schedule of classes that we are calling “CrossFit Foundations”. There will be lots of information out there about what this will include but these classes will be perfect for those of you emerging from the Elements course and still feeling like you want some reinforcement of the skills you have learned. It will also be entirely open and applicable to those of you looking to simply your training for a few weeks – every week will include the same three lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift, Press, and a simple metcon.

– Within the next week we will also start to test out some new hours for Yoga and our other classes – stay tuned!
So without further ado, I give you, our next cycle! And as always, if you have any questions at all about how to apply this particular cycle or any of our training better to your specific goals – please feel free to email me at anytime!

MONDAY: Front Squat (5, 3, 2, 1) – attempt to spot heavy loads to keep the neighbors happy – pressing in metcons.
TUESDAY: Snatch (work with doubles with Coach’s direction, then continue to work up to a single every week) – running and/or rowing metcons.
WEDNESDAY: Deadlift Metcons (and pending general recovery, some pulling for strength and speed)
THURSDAY: Clean (work with doubles with Coach’s direction, then continue to work up to a single every week) – single leg movements.
FRIDAY: Bench Press (5, 3, 2, 1) – pulling metcons.
SATURDAY: Benchmarks and random skill work with movements not in this cycle.
SUNDAY: Benchmarks and random skill work with movements not in this cycle.


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