Sunday, 4/8/12

7 Apr

Due to the Holiday CFCC is only running one session today – but it is with Tim so it’s like DOUBLE the fun.  Sign up on the Calendar to attend at 10am!

Are you strong enough to be useful?

Paleo Passover Recipes – from Elana’s Pantry – the woman who DOES NO WRONG! (at least in the kitchen)

How much can you change in ONE MONTH of training and cleaning up your eating?  Check out the previous results of CFCC’s Body Composition Change Challenge to find out!  REMEMBER: the next Nutrition Seminar is Wednesday, April 18th! Sign up now under “Seminars” (FREE for members) to save yourself a spot!  The next CFCC BCCC begins the following Monday.

Another great picture from HookGrip: Kim Min-Jae (-94kg (206.8lbs, Korea) cleans 218kg (479.6lbs.) at the 2011 WWC. Kim took 3rd in the snatch with 182kg.

Do you like CrossFit but REALLY like Olympic Lifting? Would you be interested in ONLY Olympic Lifting for a significant portion of the year? EVEN if you are not currently a member of CFCC, let me know by emailing!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Athletes’ Choice, 5 minutes.
MOBILITY: Coach’s Choice!
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Row for 1 minute. If waiting for an erg or waiting for the warm-up to end, complete 10 Bird-dogs on each side, and 10 Glute Bridges.
SKILL WORK: Relearn the American Kettlebell Swing.

For time:

Row 500m
10 rounds for time of: 10 American Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1), 10 Knees to Elbows
Row 500m

* To be done in heats every 5 minutes. It should take the athletes roughly 2 minutes (or under) to finish the 500m row and obviously more time to complete the center section of the workout. By the time the first heat gets to the ergs, as long as six options are available most athletes will not have to wait for an available erg.


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