Wednesday, 3/28/12

27 Mar

There is no CrossFit Endurance or Mobility today! Our apologies for the slightly unpredictable schedule! We are trying to get a sense of what class sizes can be like in the new space – especially given that some of the extra equipment (rings, pull-ups bars, platforms) is not completed yet. All that said, if you check MINDBODY by tomorrow evening you’ll see the rest of the classes for the week to come, including a slew of Intro to Oly and Advanced Olympic Lifting classes that were not there before! Thank you for your patience!

AS OF TONIGHT, it is OFFICIALLY for real – our very own Record is GOING TO REGIONALS!  Click here for more information on TICKETS – because we are DEFINITELY going with her!

To the rest of you who participated in this year’s CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN – I cannot say how much it has meant to me to watch you grow and take chances as athletes.  It’s been so fun to watch some of you complete movements that you have literally never done before, PR your lifts, and in such a short time – learn from your mistakes.  All I can say is, that every year the best get better – if CFCC is going to make it next year, we will need to stay as focused as we have been for just a little bit longer.  We placed 78th in the first workout, but so close to the top of 30 for the majority of our workouts!  This is a huge step for us and I believe we will continue to improve upon our strengths AND our weaknesses.  You all have the heart, the discipline, and most importantly, the sense of humor that it takes to be GREAT.  For now, pat yourselves on the back, and come out and play with the FARMER’S WALK HANDLES!

Record Farmer's Walks with 135lbs. in each hand at CrossFit One Force.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: as needed, 10 minutes.
MOBILITY: Cat Camel, Samson Stretch, Heel Press-downs, Arm Swings as needed.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Burpee Sprint Races.
STRENGTH: 30 ft., Farmer’s Walk as much Weight as you can.
*Each handle weighs 49lbs. Plus the clips, each handle is 50lbs.*
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: 30 Burpee Box Jumps For time (28/24) – You must STEP DOWN from the box.


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