A friendly request.

19 Mar

Dear friends,

If you have shoes (oly, vibrams, frees, toms, or minimi), pullovers, protein shakers with filled with interesting chemistry experiments and other small tokens of yourself you are perpetually leaving in the gym – while we love and adore YOU, we don’t really need the reminder of these mementos to keep you in mind.  Please take them with you at some point this week or we will be throwing them away.

If you’re stuff is still in the gym on Friday night you can be 100% sure that WITHOUT EXCEPTION we will be throwing it away on Saturday. 

Anything left will be VERY obvious, kind of like George (below).

George the Great Dane - the largest dog in the world.

Many thanks!  And here’s to being at 1229 Chestnut by this time NEXT WEEK!



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