Thursday, 3/8/12

7 Mar

Specialized Classes: None.
Elements: 9am with Sammy, 6pm with Erin, 7pm with Tim.
CF Games Open: 7am and 7pm, sign up on the old Google Calendar!

Check out Workout 12.3 of the CrossFit Games Open.

Just in case you missed it… the results of the CFCC BCCC – the next one is in April!

In the spirit of healthy (but good) eats, Thai Basil Beef Balls – Easy, makes for a great snack, and is probably a nice change from your average meatball. 🙂

3 classes moving one room: Elements with Liz, Mobility with Tim, and the 730pm session all the way in the back of the room with Chris.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll as needed, 3 minutes.
MOBILITY: Spiderman Stretch, 1 minute each side. Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Review the Hang Clean.
SKILL WORK: Hang Clean, 2 reps, on the minute every minute for 10 minutes.

If you have a bodyweight clean, pick your own weight. If you don’t, ask the Coach! (Sammy). During your rest, listen to your Coach. Those who will need to be critiqued will be held at the same weight until PERFECT form is exhibited – if you want to move up, you’ve got to be perfect. Those with bodyweight cleans may up their weights as needed – the Coach reserves the right to ask you to back down should your form deteriorate to a point where it is no longer profitable. If you were here last week try to work up to something heavier than last week.

STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to a peak of 2. Start higher than you normally would (60% of max).
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: Run the Short Loop four times… for time.

Check out your score from last time!


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