CFCC BCCC Winners!

29 Feb

This past challenge was another game changer – this time, for over 30 participants who, over the course of just 30 days, dramatically changed their health, body composition, and subsequently, their performance!

I could not be happier with the results of the last challenge – everyone learned a lot and put in a ton of work to get the changes they did.  With the growth of this part of CFCC, the prizes have increased! This time around I decided to give out two first place prizes (each receiving $100 gift cards to Lululemon, a stash of Primal Pacs, and a terrific pair of CFCC socks), two second place prizes ($50 gift card), and two third place prizes ($50 gift card).  And of course, the real prize, is knowing you’ve created this incredible change in yourself!

You’ll find, as I did, that excellence boils down to a simple truth: you’ve got to reject where you are before you can get where you’re going. You’ve got to be better than you were yesterday.

-Jon Gilson

More than anything, I feel that this challenge has shown me the importance of the personalization of this process for our membership base – EVERY person is different and requires a different psychological and physiological approach.  There is no cookie cutter way to make change for everyone and ultimately, it is YOUR body that will dictate what is best for YOU.

It is for this reason that the CFCC Body Composition Change Challenge is tailored to every individual’s experience and goals. Each week members are required to track their food in a medium they can choose (and boy, do they choose some interesting mediums!) and to report to me at a weekly half-hour meeting.  We tweak things for the next week and in some cases even talk through the grocery-shopping and cooking process for the week.  We measure at the beginning and we measure at the end – and all we look to do is get closer to their goals at the end than we were at the beginning.

This is a very personal undertaking for many of those who enter the challenge and so, every one of them should be congratulated for doing something that millions of people in America or completing afraid to do: change!  And now, without further ado, I give you… the WINNERS!

(for their privacy, I’m not listing their names – most of you know who they are!)


In 30 days, JH lost a grand total of nearly 18lbs, including over 3 inches at the navel, and about an inch and a half through the chest.  Remarkably, his workouts have not suffered and instead his upper body strength has also remained.  Additionally, he has grown a better beard 🙂


1) What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
One of my favorite things to eat was the surf and turf lettuce tacos from nom nom paleo. Another dinner was the chipotle lime salmon from elana’s pantry.

2) What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
It is very easy to find great substitutes for the foods that you love and it is a lot of fun to cook new things.

3) What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
Try everything, it probably won’t hurt.

4) What will you eat now that you can?
I am not a hundred percent sure yet but there is a good chance it is either going to be some delicious type of pasta or a very large sandwich with a beer or two.

DQ started the challenge honestly never eating enough and struggling to figure out exactly how eating differently would work with her limited experience in the kitchen.  Fortunately, her positive attitude and creativity led her to a winning spot!  In 30 days she dropped almost 11lbs. She lost nearly two inches (1 3/4″) around her waist and an inch and a quarter at the hip.  She also dropped a quarter of an inch in her arms while they are at rest.  She did all of this while still drinking whiskey amaretto and going out with friends – as many on the challenge will tell you, this is the hardest part of the game!  

1. What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
My favorite meal probably the beef and broccoli recipe I got from Erin – but meatza comes in close second.

2. What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
Most importantly this challenge was a lesson in self-discipline for me. I learned how to control my impulses and felt how empowering it was to do that.

3. What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
To someone starting the advice I would give is “cook!” Making meals for yourself is incredibly rewarding (you feel productive and have fun) and makes eating on plan so much easier.

4. What will you eat now that you can?
Eating paleo most of the time and maybe a little bit of primal – with regards to cheese, but honestly almond milk is delicious and I don’t think I’ll go back to drinking cow’s milk.


AS came into the challenge with a solid plan of her own that was often very consistent.  She wanted to do the challenge to see what a month of really strict eating could do for her.  Surprisingly, the biggest benefits AS experienced were understanding exactly how much food was necessary for her, and what kinds of paleo foods would alter her body composition the most.  She lost less than 3lbs. in weight but as we often see in the challenge, the scale is the LEAST of or concerns and instead, a convenient side effect.  She lost almost an entire inch at her waist and more than two inches (!!!) around her waist.  The icing on the (paleo) cake was certainly that she also lost a half inch in her arms as well.  I really think her pictures and her progress are truly amazing and a GREAT example of the fact that sometimes, when you want to know more about what works for you, simple “paleo” needs work!

1. What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
Breakfast was my favorite meal: Roasted asparagus, 3 egg scramble with zucchini and red peppers, Plantains
The other meal was an incredible mushroom and beef stew, Kale chips, roasted brussel sprouts

2. What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
I learned about some new snack options including coconut chips and very yummy kale chips.
I learned what needed to be tweaked while allowing the wisdom of my body to guide me as well both energetically and emotionally. I can’t believe how much I don’t want sugary foods!!! Icky sweet. I didn’t eat many sweets before, but now I want them even less.
I also learned what it takes for my particular body to change composition in a purposeful way.

3. What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
It may all seem extreme and crazy, but it truly is great having more energy and clarity of mind. Making gradual changes over time can help the new eating habits evolve-it need not be a revolution-all a once change. Have fun with internet resources and recipes for great food and desserts.

4. What will you eat now that you can?
Nothing earth shattering-no pigging out! I will stay pretty much with how I have been eating. I will eat a gluten free scone now and again, a little dairy here and there and a bit more fruit than when I was on the challenge. The challenge wasn’t difficult for me since I had already been eating in the pale/primal life style. It was just some of the tweaking and new foods to add that Erin suggested that was fun that I will continue to eat.

JR came to the CFCC BCCC from an internationally-competitive athletic background with a very typical “female athlete” diet, i.e. there’s some beer, there’s a lot of turkey for some reason, there’s the occasional salad, and breakfast is either skipped or REALLY small.  Oh, and there’s diet coke.  ALWAYS diet coke.  I was so excited to see the changes she was able to make in this small amount of time.  JR’s strength and conditioning numbers have continued to improve throughout her month and with the right tools under her belt, I’m sure they’ll only continue along that vein.  She lost about 7lbs., an inch and a half around her waist, a quarter of an inch around her hips, and I think it REALLY shows.

1. What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
Favorite meal- Probably chard or kale cooked in bacon fat and chicken apple sausage.   Pretty basic I guess but I can’t believe something as tasty as chicken apple sausage exists and I had never had it before.

2. What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
The main things I took from this challenge are that 1.) I actually like vegetables once I discovered all those leafy greens and ways to cook them  2.) I feel wayyy better and have more energy when I don’t drink diet coke- or pour a crap load of Splenda (or “the devil” as I believe Avener called it) in my coffee and 3) I definitely didn’t eat enough protein prior to this challenge and eating enough helped curb my hunger like whoa.

3. What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
If you are starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time, get rid of all the stuff you used to eat and stay stocked with the healthy stuff.  It makes decision-making a lot easier.  And basically just do whatever Erin says. (haha, thanks, Joey!)

4. What will you eat now that you can?
Cutting out alcohol, nuts and dark chocolate the last week made the most dramatic difference in body composition, but those are a few things I don’t really want to live without, namely the alcohol.  Just kidding.  But seriously.  It’s good to know I can cut it out when I need to but life isn’t as fun without the occasional drink or chocolate!


LS’s goal during the challenge above all else was to feel better!  As a result we attempted to let her body take it’s natural course on body composition and focused principally on not worrying too much about caloric restriction of any kind.  It’s interesting then, that her body responded by still altering in body composition as a nice side effect to her feeling a lot better altogether – even though she was sick during the course of the challenge!  Additionally, she is former vegetarian who has just begun to eat sustainably-raised and humanely slaughtered proteins – this makes making choices harder!  I’m proud to say she has dropped more than 7lbs., lost two inches around her waist, and almost two inches around her hips, and a 1/2 inch around her arms. That’s a tremendous difference coming along with feeling a LOT better!

1. What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
In terms of something that was easy and satisfying, I was happy to eat a lot of chicken sausage (various flavors) plus kale chips (my favorite!) and a sweet potato. I also liked making fajita chicken from the fajita spice mix you can get from Penzey’s spices.
2. What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
I learned what foods I can eat that don’t make me sick. This is really great for me because I’ve been struggling with what Erin calls “leaky gut” for years. Now I know that if I eat meat, eggs, leafy greens and sweet potatoes or squash (maybe with some berries and coconut), then I won’t get sick, and this is pretty much awesome. I also learned that I like I lot of things that I wouldn’t have eaten 6 months ago! I was vegetarian for 12 years until around last October, so the idea of buying stuff like chicken feet for broth was pretty strange.
3. What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
I think the key to being successful at changing your diet is finding a couple of easy, quick meals that you like and are satisfying. There’s lots of cookbooks out there with lots of recipes, and most of them are great for a weekend meal but often not so great as something to make when you get home from work at 7 and are starving and didn’t really plan ahead. That’s why I have a freezer full of different kinds of sausage–it doesn’t have to be thawed for you to cook it so you can make it in a hurry.
4. What will you eat now that you can? 
Lattes! Honestly I haven’t changed much yet, because I have to figure out what foods I don’t get along with, and that’s kind of a long process. But I have been having the occasional latte (which fortunately seem to be okay in moderation).
I kind of feel like our final winner almost needs no introduction – you can tell she’s CHANGED and every time she walks into the gym I feel like I hear someone else notice.  CB is a second-timer when it comes to the CFCC BCCC and this time around she wanted to really dedicate herself to being as strict as possible in order to see the most dramatic changes possible.  It wasn’t easy, but I’d say she REALLY achieved her goal!  She lost over 7lbs., an inch and a quarter around her waist, and an inch in her hips.  Changes like this over just 30 days are just REALLY fun to watch and obviously, as you can tell by her smile, pretty fun to experience too. 🙂

1. What was your favorite meal to eat during the thirty days of the CFCC BCCC?
Breakfasts! I always had two eggs over easy with some type of green (usually spinach) and either one large link of chicken sausage OR 3-4 ounces of smoked salmon.

2. What, if anything, did you learn during this CFCC BCCC?
The difference that small changes make when you’re very consistent with them – and that you really can do anything for 30 days.  Also, that you’ll be completely screwed if, say, you order a bridesmaid’s dress in august to fit your largest measurement, and then have to wear it in february after going through two BCCCs. The sales associate at priscilla of boston recommended that I buy a size 14 based on my measurements at the time – I had that dress taken in FOUR INCHES in the bust and as much as possible in the waist at the beginning of february. When I wore it on February 11, it was still far too big. I ended up trading dresses with a bridesmaid whose size 8 wasn’t working for her – and the unaltered size 8 was still at least a size too big. Thankfully I got through the day with no wardrobe malfunctions.


3. What would you say to someone who was starting CFCC-style nutrition for the first time?
Listen to your coaches, do what they say, and stop thinking that you’re special and “can’t” do this – you can, and it’s worth it.

4. What will you eat now that you can?
The same stuff I ate on the challenge, with the following additions: cream in my coffee every day, instead of just on weekends, and welcoming dark chocolate back into my life with open arms (about 1/2 ounce to an ounce four times a week or so…except for that time on saturday night i ate an entire bar for dinner. whatever).

SO, WHEN THE NEXT CFCC BCCC ROLLS AROUND – don’t wait around for all the great changes – SIGN UP, and watch ’em happen!


7 Responses to “CFCC BCCC Winners!”

  1. Sparker February 29, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    OH. MY. GOD. These results are amazing. Congratulations on a job VERY well done, everyone!

    Also, CB is my CF hero. #incredibleshrinkingwoman

    • the incredible shrinking cb March 1, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      aw, you’re going to make me blush. MISS YOU.

  2. Sean Braun February 29, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Congrats to everyone, you all look great

  3. Anna February 29, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    good work everyone.


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