A new cycle starts!

20 Feb

Ladies and Gents of CFCC, welcome to a NEW cycle. 

In the past cycle we made it our goal to maintain absolute squatting and pulling strength while actively trying to increase strength endurance for pull-ups.   Though we had plenty of PRs in peak week in the Front Squat, the Pronated and Supinated Grip Pull-up, we also saw loads of PRs along the way.

Many had their first bodyweight pull-ups AND with the addition of muscle-up skill work, MANY acquired their first strict and kipping muscle-ups.  The effect of the endurance we have built up remains to be seen in the next cycle and I intend to test this.

All in all, I call it a win!

Mel doing a pull-up on our old pull-up bar.

Here are some of the objectives of this next cycle:

 1.    Improving your score for regular CrossFit benchmarks, specifically Fight Gone Bad – so dig out that old Fight Gone Bad score and see where your weaknesses lie!  Fitness for a workout like this transfers well to many sports, and obviously, your performance in other workouts in CrossFit.

2.    Reintroducing the Olympic Lifts into the regular programming (the clean, and the overhead squat on Monday as foundational for all Olympic Lifters).  Every athlete should be able to overhead squat! And if you can squat 15 reps at Bodyweight you will get a prize. http://danjohn.net/the-overhead-squat-article/

3.    Keeping pull-up endurance and reintroducing deadlift strength in the rotation.  It’s been a while since we sumo deadlifted but it should nicely complement the movements of Fight Gone Bad.  Additionally, pullups and deadlifts are GOOD for what ails you! Why the Deadlift? http://www.thedeadlift.com/deadlifting/

4.    Building the strength necessary for more than just a kipping handstand push-up.  Because kipping is NOT enough!

5.    Maintenance of a training stimulus even while 30% of our average number of attendees in a day will be competing in the CrossFit Open (begins later this week!).

MONDAY: Single Leg Stability as warm-up. Overhead Squat, 5,3,2,1. Trunk Stability Endurance in Metcons.

TUESDAY: Strict Full-ROM (Range of Motion) Handstand Push-up Strength Work and Ring Handstand Push-up Skill Work for those meriting it – taught in the format of the muscle-up day from life-cycle.  Gymnastics Dominant Metcons – ranging from 15-25 minutes in duration.

WEDNESDAY:  Pull-up Endurance as Warm-up, “Fight Gone Bad” Variants – i.e. you’ll see! J

THURSDAY: Hang Power Clean, 2 reps, every minute on the minute for 10 minutes as warm-up.  Front Squat, up to a peak of 1 (every week up to a peak of 1).  Simple Movements and Simple Rep Schemes for Metcon.

FRIDAY: Sumo Deadlift – 5, 3, 2, 1 – Rowing for Calories., (Tim coaches the morning and the noon).

SATURDAY: Benchmark Workouts, often over 15 minutes.

SUNDAY: Gymnastics and Intro to Oly

In the article below, you’ll find special directions for folks dealing with hip/back issues, shoulder testiness and the CrossFit Games Open – which BEGINS THIS WEEK! Sign up by following the link on the side of our page. You only have two days left to register!


2 Responses to “A new cycle starts!”

  1. reid February 20, 2012 at 4:35 pm #

    15 BW OHS unbroken? Cause that’s definitely deserving of a prize.

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