Sunday, 2/12/12

11 Feb

Sundays at CFCC: 9am and 2pm Gymnastics and 10am and 1130am Intro to Oly. Sign up on the Mindbody Site to attend!


SMR: foam roll upper back, 2 minutes
MOBILITY: gastroc/soleus stretch, 1 minute each side; wall pec stretch, 1minute each side
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 10 of each:
Cat camels, wrist-stretching rocks, arm circles, leg swings, hip swings, squat jumps
SKILL #1: iron cross
SKILL #2: cartwheel, round-off
MET-CON: 5 rounds for time:
5 round-off to tuck-jumps (scale: cartwheel to tuck-jump)
5 ring dips with turn-out
10 hollow rocks

Chrissey sports a great rack position for the Overhead Squat.


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