Goal Setting Seminar: Making the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions

19 Jan

Our very own Abbey Sangmeister will be leading a “Goal Setting Seminar” this coming Sunday, January 22nd, 130-3pm. The fee for this seminar will be $10 for members and $50 for non-members.  If you’re looking for some guidance in setting aside the time to reorganize more than just your training but additionally, your goals in life, this seminar is for you.  Check out the content below and if you’d like to attend, sign up on the Google Calendar.

So many CrossFitters spend a lot of time focusing on the physical and nutritional portion of training – but what about the mental aspect?  What about trying to fit in more than one goal at a time?  What about the stuff in life that interferes with your training or, when training interferes with your life?  Who do you talk to about finding balance?  Why is balance important?

This workshop will focus on:

Prioritization and naming of goals
Learning how emotions affect success
Internal and External mental blocks
Identifying personal roadblocks
Ways to assess and measure goals
Accountability and who should hold you accountable.

This will be a working seminar so be prepared to be engaged and challenged! You will leave with one goal in mind to focus on and a plan for the next month.

Want to know more about Abbey?

With a clinical background from the University of Pennsylvania along with continuing education through the Post Deployment Center and Widener University, Abbey brings clinical experience to her coaching. Abbey has worked as a life coach within the adult population for over 4 years helping clients with a variety of challenges. Abbey also practices as a child and family therapist for a non-profit mental health agency in Philadelphia.  Abbey has helped clients to identify patterns and rewire their cognitions. In doing this clients are able to overcome trauma, build relationships, and successfully make career and life transitions.

In the gym, Abbey has been a winner of the Body Composition Change Challenge (no easy feat!) and has also been a stellar example of consistency in subsequent challenges and in her personal goals as a member of CFCC.  She has successfully completed one of Jim’s Olympic Lifting cycles, run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon and has gradually been working toward her goal of being a part of CFCC’s competitive team.  To be there, from where Abbey started – air squatting to a bunch of stools – is truly impressive.

Abbey will help you explore how your mind affects your CrossFit performance while also examining what this has to do with reaching goals outside of CrossFit. I (Erin) think of her as excellent example of good old fashioned hard work and know that getting her help with processing your thoughts on 2012 can only lead to a better year for the entire gym.  Abbey is looking forward to helping you beat the mental blocks inside and outside the box – come see her this Sunday after the Total to get your bearings and scope out your next few months of training!

Abbey with Rupert at the Battle of the Bands.


2 Responses to “Goal Setting Seminar: Making the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Christopher Santaniello January 20, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    Abbey you are awesome. I wish I could make it. People like you inspire me everyday


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    […] GOAL SETTING SEMINAR – with Abbey! Taking place from 130-3pm. For more information on this Seminar – check out this post! […]

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