A new cycle begins!

13 Nov

This one brings us up to December 10th.  For those of you worrying about your deadlift… worry not, we’ll have lots of fun preparing for that over the holidays in preparation for the next CrossFit Total in January!

MONDAY, Clean (Squat cleans are not always necessary but are STRONGLY encouraged.)
– always sets of 2, up to a peak of 1.  Single Leg Work and Jumping metcons will be common to allow for use of bars by the Olympic Lifting crew.

TUESDAY, Strict Muscle-Up (if no Muscle-Up, False Grip Pull-up)
– skill work with strict muscle-up or doubles for height of the False Grip Ring Pull-up.  For those with flexibility issues, time in the False Grip hang is strongly encouraged.
– all gymnastics metcons.

WEDNESDAY, Overhead Squat
– 5, 3, 2, 1
– a lot of pulling in metcons (pull-ups, rowing, ring rows, kettlebells)

THURSDAY, Handstand Walking
– Handstand Walking Skill Work
– all gymnastics metcons.

FRIDAY, Front Squat
– triples, for speed.  In the last week, a peak of 1.

SATURDAY, Partner Workouts, and CrossFit Endurance (rowing)

SUNDAY, Intro to Oly Lifting


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