Friday, 9/23/11

22 Sep

There is an Open House event at CrossFit Aspire in Cherry Hill, NJ tomorrow (Saturday) – it begins at 9am.  Go here for more information!

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”
– Michael Jordan

David A. hits "Lynne" last week with David V. spotting. Check out A's chest position - that's good stuff!

Don’t forget that the first Intro to Olympic Lifting Class of the season is tomorrow at 12pm!  Gymnastics is no longer on Saturdays but is on Sunday at 9am and 12pm instead.  There is a REGULAR CROSSFIT session at 9am tomorrow, a 10am On Ramp, and finally CrossFit Endurance at 11am.  Saturdays at CFCC are fun!  Clear your schedule and get in here!


DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Rowing, 1 minute.  Think about scapular retraction at the back position of the stroke.

ACTIVATION: Ballistic Push-ups, 5 minutes with sets of 2 for MAX POWER. (Just like last week – aim to keep the body tight and explode out of the bottom position).

Check out the latest Lynne on the mainpage!

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: “Lynne” 3 Rounds: Max Reps Bodyweight Bench Press alternated with Max Reps Pull-ups (strict/kipping, your choice).

If you were here last Friday, try to use the same load and beat your previous 3 rounds by at least one rep.  If you were not here, ask your Coach to help you work up to a load appropriate for “Lynne”.



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