Saturday, 8/27/11

26 Aug

Be fit for more than the thing you are now doing. Let everyone know that you have a reserve in yourself; that you have more power than you are now using. If you are not too large for the place you occupy, you are too small for it.—James A. Garfield

The CrossFit Total is almost here… stay tuned to the blog (and Facebook) for any changes but otherwise, as of right now, the Total is still on.

If you’re going to be stuck inside this weekend, why not eat food that will make you feel great AND taste good? Here are three must haves for the weekend:

1. Kale Chips, quite possibly one of the healthiest snacks ever.  Or maybe just something like this Hummus and Cracker recipe (WHAT?!?!).

2. Canned Tuna, Beef Jerky, or maybe, if the electricity doesn’t go out – make something REALLY slow and tasty.

3. And if you are looking for something sweet… this is the place to get it.

RUNNING with Liz at 10am: 2-4 x 1M, rest 5:00 mins., hold 5-10 secs

ON RAMP with Liz at 11am:

Self-Myofascial Release: Lacrosse Ball to Feet, and Calves, 5 minutes.

Mobility: Spiderman off the box, look especially for the high hamstring piece. 5 minutes.

Dynamic Warm-up: A short introduction to POSE Running with POSE drills.

Skill: The Barbell Deadlift (SUMO)

Metabolic Conditioning: Pick a load that seems like it will be about 50% of max (the Coach will pick for you if you’re not sure!) and complete: 3 rounds for total time of: 9 Sumo Deadlifts, 9 Burpees, 1 Short Loop Run.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 12pm:

Skills: 5 attempts for max free standing handstand hold + bridge-up (to handstand kick-over)

Metcon: 5 Rounds for time:

10 wall handstand kick ups
10 toes-to-bar
10 bridge-ups
10 rocking hollows


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