Wednesday, 8/24/11

23 Aug

5 Reasons YOU should be attending the CrossFit Total this coming Sunday:

1. You are going to find out exactly how much you can lift in three lifts: the Back Squat, the Deadlift, and the Press. 

2. Jordan Youngblood can come in costume.  You, by extension, can as well.

3. If you lift, you will be randomly selected as part of a team that could possibly have the highest CUMULATIVE CrossFit Total and WIN STUFF.

4. I have a sneaking hunch that you will be able to see a few women pick up over 300lbs. and one man pick up 600lbs.

5. People are going to be taking pictures of you looking very strong.  That’s so useful!


OLYMPIC LIFTING with Jim at High Noon: Power Clean and Clean Pulls

RUNNING with Liz at 530pm: 4-8 x 200m, rest 1 min, hold 2-3 secs

Disclaimer: you don't HAVE to wear a singlet like this to the CrossFit Total on Sunday - but you probably should.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and MOBILITY: Set up the Wall Quad stretch but keep your hands down and don’t come up unless you have your back glute squeezed – spend time prying here for 2 minutes on each side.  Then go to town on your hip flexors with the lacrosse ball (see video).  10 minutes.

POSTURE AND STABILITY: Handstand Hold, 1 minute. Ring Support, 1 minute.

SKILL: One-armed Kettlebell Swing to One-armed Kettlebell Snatch.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: For 5 minutes, every minute on the minute: 30 seconds of snatches on your weak arm, 30 seconds of snatches on your strong arm.


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